How to Choose a Boys' Cabin Bed

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How to Choose a Boys' Cabin Bed

Add fashion and function to a little boy's room by including a cabin bed as part of the decor. A cabin bed serves sleeping purposes, but also serves storage purposes, as well. It offers extra storage space while functioning as two pieces of furniture in one. Learn what to look for when choosing a boys' cabin bed so it fits your son's tastes, as well as your home.


Features of Cabin Beds

Cabin beds give boys a good night's sleep while also offering either added storage to a room or a main storage source. Many come with a full set of dresser drawers underneath, as well as an actual 'cabin' found by opening a small door. You can keep a host of items in this cabin, including clothes for next season placed in storage bins as well as collections of books, toys, and shoes.


How Much Storage Do You Need?

Base your cabin bed purchase on the amount of storage you need. If you just need a little extra storage space and already have an ample dresser in the room, then choose a bed with maybe one or two drawers. If the room is small and a dresser would overwhelm it and leave little space for walking, find a cabin bed with a full range of drawers underneath. A headboard made of book shelves also comes in handy to store books, sports trophies, toys, electronics, shoes, and clothing.


The Cabin Bed's Height

Cabin beds are typically higher than traditional beds due to the storage room underneath. The highest cabin beds reach the height of some standard top bunk beds and allow room for attached desks and small seating areas under the bed. Your child will need a ladder to climb to his mattress each night, but other cabin beds are lower to the floor and your boy will only need a small stool to climb atop. Do not buy a high bed with a ladder for smaller children who may not have mastered the balance and fine motor skills needed for climbing and sleeping safely. Those are more appropriate for young boys who climb up and down with ease.


Personal Tastes and Decor

Choose a cabin bed that matches the overall decor of the room and that satisfies your son's tastes. While white matches just about any wall colour, beds made with a natural wood finishes work just as well in boys' rooms. Some cabin beds come with a superhero theme, which really thrills young boys, or with painted wood in red or blue. Make sure the cabin bed is also in good condition and does not have many nicks and scratches that spoil its overall look.

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