How to Choose a Floor Lamp for Your Living Room

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How to Choose a Floor Lamp for Your Living Room

Lighting is not only practical: it is also fashionable. The correct lights and lamps in a room certainly illuminate it so you can perform daily tasks, but lights and lamps are also fashion statements. From their looks to the type of lighting they provide, floor lamps give a living room new life, so learn how to choose one that works for you and your overall living room decor.


Complement Your Other Pieces

If your living room set does not come with floor lamps included, you need to purchase them separately. However, ensure that they do not clash with your other pieces. If you have brown leather, faux leather, or a brown microfibre sofa and loveseat, then choose a floor lamp with gold accents on the stand and pole. If you find actual brown, that is even better. If your furniture is grey, lamps with silver accents do the trick. Buy two floor lamps to coordinate with different pieces of furniture like sofas, loveseats, recliners, and ottomans.


Consider the Height of the Floor Lamp

A floor lamp is different from a table lamp, as it usually has a thin pole that extends up past the height of the furniture. Before buying one, measure your living room from floor to ceiling so you do not end up with one that is too tall. If you have a small room with low ceilings, a too-tall lamp can overwhelm the room. Choose something moderately sized. If the lamp ends at too low a point in the room, it could cause glare that you do not want, especially when reading, working on a computer, or watching television.


Choosing the Floor Lamp Style

The variety of floor lamp styles available is seemingly endless and sometimes what you choose just depends on your personal taste. A tree floor lamp comes with several bulbs that you twist and manoeuver so the light shines where you please at any time. An arc lamp has a bend in the pole so it illuminates items beneath it. Tray floor lamps eliminate the need for end tables and come with a tray in the middle of the pole that acts as a table for convenience. A moderately sized floor lamp is great for reading and shines light on one central area below it, usually large enough for a book or magazine.


Selecting the Lamp Shade

A lamp is nothing without its shade to help add style and disperse the bright light from the bulb. Choose from antique-looking glass Tiffany shades or modern shades made from a variety of colours to match your room's decor. Most floor lamps come with their own shades, but you can buy shades separately and change the look. Make sure any shade you choose matches the lamp's material. Popular materials include brass, bronze, silver, steel, and nickel.

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