How to Choose and Fit Car Seat Covers

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How to Choose and Fit Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers are both practical and stylish. Keeping your seats clean and safe from everyday wear and tear helps maintain the value of your vehicle. Finding the style and fit that works for your vehicle ensure that your seats stay protected and look great.


Types of Seats

The first step in choosing a car seat cover is knowing what type of seats your vehicle has. There are two main styles of seat for a car. A bench seat extends the width of the car. Some bench seats are solid with one back seat for the whole bench, and some are split with each passenger having his own backrest. These are more common in older cars, and in back seats. A bucket seat is a contoured one-person seat and is also known as a captain’s seat. These are common in sporty vehicles as well as some trucks and SUVs.


Choosing a Material

Car seat covers come in a wide array of materials. Make sure that the cover is durable, easy to clean, and most importantly, comfortable against your skin. Covers come in materials like canvas, sheepskin, leather, suede, and vinyl. One of the joys of seat covers is that they are easy to remove for cleaning.


Choosing a Colour or Pattern

While car seat covers are practical, they can also reflect your personal style as well. For something simple and versatile, choose a neutral colour such as black, grey, or brown. For something with a bit more standout appeal, try a deep, bright colour such as purple or green. Avoid white or cream as they get dirty easily. Patterns such as leopard, plaid, camouflage, or stripes are also a great option. Novelty covers are also available should you want to cover your car with your favourite sports team or character.


Get the Perfect Fit

In order for car seat covers to fully protect the seat, it is important that the covers fit properly. Custom fit seat covers are best for a perfect, seamless look. These are fit specifically to the exact dimensions of the seat so they fit without any bunching. Semi-custom fit seat covers, or universal seat covers, work just as well. They cover the seat, are affordable, and easily changed or replaced if need be.


Special Features

When fitting and installing car seat covers, it is important to take into consideration all the features that could be on the seat. Reclinable seats need a cover that comes in two pieces or one that allows for the movement of the seat. You should also take into account buttons, knobs, and armrests when choosing a car seat cover.

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