How to Choose the Right Airbags

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How to Choose the Right Airbags

If you have been in an accident that caused the airbags to deploy, or recently purchased a used car without airbags, then you need to buy new airbags. Airbags are an essential part of your vehicle's safety system, and you need them if you want to remain safe in case of an accident. It can be difficult to find the correct airbags for your vehicle if you do not know what to look for. While there are many different brands, types, and ratings, you can easily choose replacement airbags for your vehicle with the right information.


Airbag Placement

The first thing to consider when you purchase new airbags is which part of the vehicle they are for. Many vehicles include front, side and rear airbags although specific names vary by manufacturer. Some vehicles include seat airbags below the steering wheel. Frontal airbags go in the dashboard and typically differ depending on which side of the auto they are on, so you have to purchase for driver's or passenger side as well. Side airbags go in car doors and protect you from a side collision.


Airbag Condition

You can either buy new or used airbags, but it is important to pay attention to their condition. Some companies exist specifically to purchase and repair used airbags, which they then sell to aftermarket buyers for a discount. While second-hand airbags are more affordable than new airbags, they are not as reliable, so there is a trade-off between price and value. Consider asking your insurance company if they insure vehicles that use second-hand airbags. Pay attention to the number of patches, look for rips or tears, and ensure that the airbags are in good condition before you purchase them. In some cases, replacing your steering wheel is also a more affordable option than buying a new driver's seat airbag.


Airbag Make and Model

Most airbags are for a specific make and model of vehicle. The best way to find airbags that fit your vehicle is to look up its make and model and search that way. For example, look for Mercedes A Class airbags or Ford Fiesta airbags if you have a Mercedes A Class or a Ford Fiesta, respectively. Because the size and shape of airbag modules varies from car to car, it is important to purchase an option that fits in your vehicle. A parts guide for your vehicle is an excellent way to get exact brand recommendations for replacements.

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