How to Choose the Right Single Bed

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How to Choose the Right Single Bed

A single bed is small enough to place in almost any room or to fit two beds into a single bedroom. Choosing the right single bed takes some time and research. Different sizes are available, as well as varying firmness levels, mattress types, and mattress finishes.


Single Bed Sizes

Before shopping for a single bed, it is necessary to decide what size of bed to buy. In the UK, there are small single beds, and single beds. Even a small double bed could work for a single person who wants to be able to stretch a bit. The small single bed measures 75 by 190 cm, while the single bed measures 90 by 190 cm.


Hard or Soft Mattress

The firmness of the mattress can greatly affect comfort levels. An orthopaedic bed usually features an extra firm mattress to support the spine and make it easier to get into and out of bed. However, weight is a big factor in the firmness level to buy. Smaller people and women may want to look for a soft mattress to reduce the chance of painful pressure points and pinched nerves, while those with more weight need a hard mattress to give their spine the proper support it needs.


Mattress Type

There are two basic types of mattresses to choose from, the sprung and the foam mattress. A foam mattress consists of a thick layer of memory foam or latex and PU foam material. This mattress moulds itself to your body to reduce pressure points. Sprung mattresses have vertical springs topped with a layer of padding. Many different styles of sprung mattresses exist to serve different needs. For instance, a zoned mattress places larger, heavier coils in areas where the most weight rests, typically the middle of the mattress. A pocket sprung mattress has each of its coils held in place with fabric to prevent roll-together when springs sag and fail. This creates a comfortable and durable mattress.


Mattress Finish

The final consideration in a single bed is the mattress finish or topper. The finish consists of the padding on top of the main foam or spring centre. The most common and affordable option is a micro-quilted finish with layers of padding held in place with quilting. A cushiontop or pillow top mattress features a separate layer of extra thick padding for additional comfort and softness. The tufted mattress ties the top layer through the mattress through to the bottom for a firmer feel. Latex and memory foam finishes offer the benefits of foam with the bouncy support of springs. These finishes also hold in heat better and are more comfortable for restless sleepers.

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