How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress Neckline for You

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Dress Neckline for You

Buying a wedding dress is the most important part of the wedding for any bride. It can also be one of the most confusing aspects of the procession. Unlike other gowns, wedding dresses certainly don’t come as "one-size-fits-all" packages. First, there’s the silhouette, or the overall style of the dress, to choose from. The next factor to keep in mind comes from selecting the proper train, or hemline, that you want. Finally, you need to also pick the right neckline, the top part of the dress that covers the bust area. Choose the right neckline and you’ll look fabulous. Choose the wrong one, and you can end up either looking too top heavy or lacking in the chest. All of these specifications might tend to cause you some serious pressure on your wedding day. However, selecting the right neckline is easy once you understand your body type and how it relates to the different neckline styles. Get an idea of different styles by checking out a bridal store or doing an online search using a website like eBay.

Types of Necklines

The neckline is the top portion of the dress that accents the chest area. There are several different styles, each designed to highlight different features of the body. A sweetheart neckline, for example, puts an emphasis on the décolletage while a portrait neckline makes toned arms and prominent collarbones look exceptionally fabulous. The good news is that there are only nine basic styles, and once you understand the differences between them finding the right one becomes effortless.

Neckline Name


Off the Shoulder Neckline

Short sleeves that rest just below the shoulders

Straight line of fabric runs across the top of the bust

Portrait Neckline

Short sleeves similar to the off the shoulder style

The fabric dips down slightly as it run across the top of the bust

Scoop Neckline

Short sleeves on the shoulders, connected by a U-drape of fabric

V-Neck Neckline

Plunges in the front, and sometimes in the back

This plunge creates a V-shape to the neckline

Sweetheart Neckline

A neckline that is shaped like the upper portion of a heart. There are two raised areas that cover the bust along with a slight dip in between.

Bateau Neckline

A high-cut neckline that creates a straight bustline right underneath the collar bone.

Jewel Neckline

A high-cut neckline that encircles the base of the neck and then spreads outward to cover the bust.

Halter Neckline

A neckline with two straps that wrap around the back of the neck.

Strapless Neckline

A neckline that lacks any straps or sleeves, usually with a straight cut across the bust.

Decide what your best chest feature is, and then accent it with the right neckline. With all the different types of necklines available, you should be able to find what fits your style, fit, and personality best.

Necklines for Full Busts

Full figured women and those with large breasts, should show off their features on their wedding day. This does not mean wearing an extremely low top that is extremely revealing. Instead, by choosing the right neckline that places a gentle emphasis on the bust area, women can show off their décolletage in a dramatic, yet respectable way.

Neckline Varieties

The most popular choice for busty women is the sweetheart neckline. Taking its name from the heart- shaped design, this top rises slightly above the breasts and then plunges down between them. It looks extremely flattering on full breasts. However, the top of a sweetheart dress needs careful fitting and tailoring to minimise slippage on your wedding day. If you are a C cup, try a V-neck gown as well. This gown hangs down in the front in a V-shape, and often hangs down the back in the same manner. It looks wonderful on medium to medium-large chests, but does not flatter women larger than a C cup. Off the shoulder necklines that create a straight line from the arms across the chest look sensational on both medium to full chested women.

Necklines for Small Chests

Women with small busts, in the A to B cup range, can pull off styles that larger chested women cannot. Ideal for petite women, these cuts accent the bust area without making it appear overly large. The dainty Sabrina neckline curves down slightly from shoulder tip to shoulder tip. It shows off less décolletage than other styles like the sweetheart. The jewel neckline is also extremely flattering for small chests. Sometimes called the T-shirt neckline because it sits extremely close around the base of the throat, this style covers the neckline and slightly expands to cover the breasts. It makes small breasts appear larger than they truly are. V-neck styles are appropriate for those in the B to C cup range since the shape of the cut accents moderate décolletage. Small busted women should stay away from necklines designed for large busted women since these styles will only emphasise their chest.

Necklines for Shoulders and Collarbones

The neck, collarbone, and shoulders have always had a classic appeal for feminine beauty. If you adore these features on your chest, then pick a style that makes them stand out, it will give you a regal bearing on your wedding day. The portrait style, which is a softened off the shoulder look, decreases the attention on the bustline and increases the attention on the collarbones and shoulders. It looks stunning on a woman with tone shoulders and prominent collarbones. Similarly, the strapless neckline looks amazing for the same reason. This lightweight look leaves shoulders and collarbones completely bare, emphasising the fine, delicate features of your neck.

Necklines for Large Arms and Shoulders

Apple body types, and anyone else with large, broad shoulders will appreciate the line of necklines designed to minimise shoulder length. This includes the halter neckline, as the curve of the cut slopes inward to make shoulders appear smaller. The portrait neckline will also work, though its cut does not dramatically decrease the breadth of the shoulders like the halter. However, portrait necklines show off the collarbone more than the halter neckline. The portrait neckline is also a decent alternative to the off the shoulder neckline, since the straight length of fabric on the off the shoulder cut does not tend to flatter larger arms.

Necklines for All Types

The scoop neckline is the universal neckline choice for most women. If you cannot decide between other styles, or simply need a starting point, then the scoop is an appropriate place to begin. The gentle U-shape of this cut accents both shoulders and collarbones. Higher scoop necklines look better on small chested women, while full figured women can go with a low cut scoop neckline. Even those with broad arms and shoulders look good in a scoop neckline since the curve of the fabric cuts down on the span of the shoulders.

Buying Wedding Dresses on eBay

Wedding gowns should never be an impulsive choice. After all, this is going to be your big day, and one you will always remember. Therefore, approach shopping for wedding gowns well in advance of your actual wedding. Visit a bridal boutique and experiment with different designers and styles until you find the perfect dress that you want. However, brides on a budget or anyone shopping for a great deal, should stay away from paying full price at a bridal boutique. Instead, go home and find the same dress online using a website like eBay. This enormous website has gowns from all over the globe, including styles that you cannot find in local shops. Chances are that you will find that same dress you fell in love with at the store for an incredibly lower price. Brides love to use eBay because it allows them to buy the designer dresses they want without the hefty price tag.

Finding Wedding Dresses on eBay

There are several ways to search for wedding gowns on eBay. If you already have a dress style and designer in mind based on your fitting experience in the store, then use the search engine to find that exact dress. Remember to include as much information as possible. For example, if you want a Maggie Sottero wedding dress with a strapless neckline, then search for "Maggie Sottero strapless wedding dress". Since many designers such as Maggie Sottero name their different dress designs, you can also search for their names, such as "Mikealla wedding dress" or "Vera Wang wedding dress". Add in size restrictions to find the appropriate fit, but remember that you will also need to take the dress to a tailor after purchasing it for expert tailoring.


A little neckline makes a big difference on your wedding day. Some women who are already tired from searching for a flattering silhouette style become utterly exhausted when they realise they need to also account for the right neckline as well. However, finding the right neckline can be as simple as finding the right silhouette style after learning all of the different terms. Separate necklines styles are meant to flatter different parts of the body in the same way that silhouette shapes do. The easiest way to approach finding a good neckline is to know your body type and what features you want to emphasise. Then, choose a neckline that works with your body to accent your best qualities, as opposed to taking away from them. Purchasing a dress on eBay allows you save a bundle of money, maybe even enough to afford that designer dress you saw in the store.

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