How to Distinguish Apple Lighting USB Cable Original cable & Fake

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How to Distinguish Apple Lighting USB Cable Original cable & Fake?
When buyers purchase apple lighting USB cable on eBay, they always have a doubt: is this item original apple USB Cable?or fake? 

Well, as a buyer, i would like to share my own experience and information collected from friends. Most probably, we buy similar copy lighting cable or OEM cable on eBay. If you really want to buy guaranteed genuine Apple cable, please go to Apple retail store and spend 25 pounds. You are not likely to buy real original genuine Apple cable with 5 or 10 pounds, so don’t be too picky. But don’t worry, these cables works as well, just about the price and quality. You can choose one with good quality and good price if you have some tips. 

Here are some tips help you choose the best Apple cable line: 
Firstly, you need to know 3 different types of copies: 
1.  Foxconn OEM products which is the same quality as apple original cable but without brand or any print on the cable (be careful, you may choose a fake one if you don’t have enough knowledge to identify on eBay). 
2.  The line part is original (inside wire covered with solder) but the smart chip and USB parts are different. You know, the most expensive part of a cable is the smart chip inside the lighting 8pin side (But we cannot see unless we open the line and see).
3.  Pure copy, copper wire inside is not covered by solder. This is the cheapest kind, and naturally with just so so quality. 

Secondly, find the Laser security Tag on the cable. There is a laser tag "Design by Apple in California Assembled in China.” on the original Apple Lighting USB cable. The colour is light grey,not printed by ink,not that Black. This kind of cable is normally Type 2 copies. 

Thirdly, touch the material and open the cable line to see wire inside.  All apple products like Apple EarPods,USB cables, plug-in chargers and adapters, use the same white material. When you touch the cable surface, it is not that Smooth, but a little bit friction. As you use it, it would get dirty and darker.

Fourthly, check the transmission speed or response speed on your computer. The Smart Chip in 8pin side decides data transmission speed, the faster response is, the better smart chip is and the better the cable quality is. 

As for the price range? Well, different people have different preference. I personally purchase 1M cable between 2.5–6.00 pounds and 2M cable between 5.00-10.00 pounds. It depends on you.  

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