How to Fold back The GardenSkill Pop UP Products

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Folding away one of our pop-up products is really quite easy, even the largest ones. The same way of folding the pop-up products applies to the whole of our range.

First, fold the cage flat by popping one corner inside it's opposite and then fold in any loose material to make a neat square

Second, grab hold of diagonally opposite corners and bring them together. Hold the who together with one hand, thumb towards you and with the closer part just below the far half. You now have an almost half-moon shape.

Next, with your other hand, grab the near left hand edge of the semi circle close to the bottom. Not right at the bottom but nearly. Bring across towards the middle and grip the near right hand edge forming a sort of funnel. you can see that it wants to go inside the right hand side.

Let it slide inside the other half and, at the same time loosen your grip on the near part of the top and allow it to slide downwards.

So , at the same moment the side of the half moon and the near side of the top are sliding inside each other into a circle.

And then Job done.

I will posted the link to the new youtube video we made. Thank you so much for your time

Kind Regards,
Anything Grows UK

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