How to Love ,Buy and Appreciate Art By Debby Kirby Artist

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So many folk tend to buy just what is fashionable whats on trend etc. I am an Artist and writer who has over 30 years experience and you really need to LOVE what you purchase and  really want it in your home. I suggest you:
1. Contact the Creative direct and try and work as closely as possible to communicate with them and put your vibe on your work; I often work closely and will customize and personalize a clients work. Also be REAL.
2. Be totally honest about your budget, work again with the Artist. I will always work very closely with a client and we will discuss frankly about about the maximum spend and that way every one is happy. Too many Artists are very greedy and want to sell their work but either OVERPRICE it so they end up keeping it OR wont be flexible about the price point. I have often negotiated and ended up with a Tres happy customer by being fair.As a Former Gallery Owner i was often allowing A pay off System and still OFFER this here on Ebay.
3.Check out what you are REALLY purchasing . Original, Print, Canvas, Mixed media and Collage; you really have to make sure it is what it is and SIZE does matter. If you have limited Wall space be true and work with the Area you have.
4.Finally this is tres important... LOVE, LOVE LOVE the piece dont buy if you are not feeling drawn excuse the PUN... but too many folk buy to impress or please others, also ITS yours if you want to put a favorite piece in a special little corner GO FOR IT !!!
5. Art should not be about the investment, Collect it and love it because you really want it ,NOT just because you want to make a FAST BUCK... Art is for Life not for a temporary FIX. Choose carefully and with LOVE.
FINALLY ... if you Love Art and Want some thing Different check out all the Self-Representing Artists on this site and on independent Sites on the Internet and Face book . There are some amazing Creative Artists out there that are not in some Posh Gallery, but they are just as Fabulous.. Galleries are ALL about Huge Profit. Not Love and sharing talent..
Please visit my online Gallery  just Google me and you will find me and millions of wonderful ART.ISTS...when you have a few moments..... Love is the Key,
Happy buying .. Debby Kirby Artist and Writer XXX
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