How to Maintain Your Nissan Almera

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How to Maintain Your Nissan Almera

Nissan manufactured the Almera between 1995 and 2006. The small family sedan provides owners with an economical way of travelling during an era of skyrocketing fuel prices. Almera owners need to know how maintain the vehicle to ensure long lasting durability.


Monitor Tyre Condition

You should periodically check tyre pressure to ensure the vehicle achieves optimal gas mileage. A standard tyre gauge or a gauge sold by Nissan can accurately measure the pressure in the tyres. You should refer to the owner's manual for recommended tyre pressure levels. Inadequately inflated tyres can present vehicle safety issues, so you should examine the tread of each tyre to ensure maximum traction. It is also a good idea to check wheel alignment to prevent unusually heavy wear on one or more of the tyres.


Replace Faulty Belts and Hoses

Because of heat caused by friction and cracks caused by frequent use, Nissan Almera belts and hoses require periodic replacement. You should check the belts and hoses for signs of wear and tear. Nissan recommends that as vital part of preventive maintenance, you should change belts every 80,000 kilometres. Since hoses possess less rubber, you should check all hoses at least once a month to prevent car damaging splits and leaks. Although Nissan recommends changing water hoses every 80,000 kilometres, many Almera owners can expect to replace the vehicle's water hoses before the vehicle reaches 80,000 kilometres to maintain optimal engine performance.


Check Brake Operation and Fluids

Regularly checking brake fluid levels ensures that you can perform sudden stops at high rates of speed. In addition to checking brake fluids, you should also inspect brake lines for cracks that cause fluid leaks. Check for leaks where the brake line connects to the master cylinder, as well as where the master cylinder attaches to the power booster. You should change brake pads before you hear the screeching sound that indicates metal on metal braking. This helps ensure your safety as well as improves vehicle performance.


Maintain the Almera's Appearance

Nissan designed the Almera with a more upscale appearance than typical family sedans. You can preserve the sleek design by adhering to a consistent washing and polishing schedule. Nissan recommends washing your Almera at least bi-weekly, but once per week is better. If you live in an area with harsh winter weather, you should wash the Almera after every snowstorm to rid the surface of salt deposits. Nissan recommends that you wax polish the vehicle at least once every season. The right polish preserves the paint by preventing rust from developing on vulnerable spots of the car's body.

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