How to Make Your iPod Go Faster

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This will make your iPod load music, photos, videos, etc. faster by defragging its hard disk using the Windows Disk Defragmenter.

1. While iPod is connected, go to iTunes and select your iPod in the sidebar on the left. Then in the right panel, scroll down and make sure "Enable disk use" is checked under "Options." 
Enable disk use must be checked.

2. Go to My Computer.

3. There should be an icon named after your iPod. Right click this icon and select "Properties."

4. Click the "Tools" tab in the window that pops up, and then click "Defragment Now."

5. You will get another window. This is the windows disk defragmenter utility.

6. Click on the "Defragment" button in the bottom of the window. 

7. Defragmenting.This may take a while, and will make your computer go slow. It's best not to bother it, so go out and read a book or take a nap or something.

8. When it's finished, your iPod will now access everything and start up faster.

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