How to Piece Together Creative Boys' Fancy Dress

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How to Piece Together Creative Boys' Fancy Dress

Outfitting a little boy for Halloween time, fancy dress party time, or playtime is often a daunting task with all the options out there and varied kid tastes. You can buy fancy dress outfits with all the necessary pieces and accessories, or you can piece something together yourself, using a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, to give your little boy the perfect fancy dress costume.


Batman Fancy Dress Outfit

You need much less for this costume than you think. Find any old pair of black jogging pants or black skinny jeans and pair it with a black turtleneck shirt. Obtain an iron-on of the yellow Batman logo and place it on the chest of the turtleneck shirt. Black trainers or black dress shoes coordinate perfectly for the full Batman effect. Add a black cape and a masquerade masque and enjoy a little Batman running around your house ready to save the day.


Pirate Fancy Dress Outfit

Captain Jack Sparrow will have nothing on your son once you create his pirate fancy dress outfit from items around the house and a few simple extras. Take a white T-shirt and cut it to look like a rag-tag pirate shirt with uneven sleeves and a frayed neckline. Find a pair of your son's black slacks that he will likely never wear again and use clothing dye to add large vertical stripes like a pirate wears. A simple brown or tan leather vest helps complete the essential clothing pieces needed for this fancy dress outfit. For accessories, choose an eye patch and draw scars on your son's face with an eye pencil.


Yellow Duck Fancy Dress Outfit

Pour on the yellow for this simple fancy dress ensemble. Find yellow sweats, as well as a yellow sweatshirt, a yellow turtleneck, or a yellow T-shirt and go to town. Orange rain boots complete the ensemble. Glue yellow craft feathers all over the clothing to create an authentic duck look. Place a yellow baseball-style cap on your little boy's head, but paint the bill of the hat orange for a finishing duck touch.


A Rain Storm Outfit

What may seem like an unusual fancy dress outfit is actually quite simple to make. Take a pair of gray sweat pants and use fabric paint to create white bolts of lightning. Use cotton balls to create a white cloud motif on a plain white T-shirt. Glue the cotton all around, as well as to a grey baseball cap. Have your boy wear a pair black or grey trainers to complete the look. Your little boy will surely turn heads in this fancy dress motif that is a far cry from the usual superheroes, firefighters, police officers, and pirates typically found at fancy dress parties.

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