How to Play Super Mario Galaxy

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  1. Turn on your Nintendo Wii, and select the small upper-left hand box.
  2. The Wii's start/ Wii Menu screen will appear. Select start.
  3. After a few tips on how to keep people or items around you safe while using the Wii Remote, the game's title page will pop up. Press A and B.
  4. There will be several planets on the next page. select one of the planets.
  5. The game will ask you to choose an icon to represent your game file. Select one.
  6. After selecting your icon, select play this file.
  7. Now, you can start playing! Use the Nunchuck to controll Mario, so you can have the power of navigating through the game.
  8. You just have to walk straight forward until a cutscene of Bowser, the enemy, attacking the Mushroom Kingdom.
  9. Take the path (without being hit by meteors) until you get to Princess Peach's castle, and you will experience another cutscene of the castle being ripped out of the ground by Bowser's flying ships, and another about Mario being blasted off the castle into space.
  10. All you have to do now is follow the instructions of the actual adventure of the game and have fun!
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