How to Promote Your Online Business with Ebooks

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This may not make a lot of sense at first but it's actually a really great way to get the name and branding of your business "out there". The first thing to keep in mind is to make the E-book free of charge.

It's preferable that it actually has some usable content - such as important information or relevant discussion - and is not just a long winded sales advertisement.

If you're not very confident about your writing ability then you could hire a freelance writer, but what ever you do, you'll want your e-book to come across to a reader as interesting and relevant to their needs. Naming it is just as important.

Find an area that you feel you can write about freely that links to your products or services, for example if you're a cleaning company you may offer an e-book on basic cleaning tips and tricks that won't take away from your professional services but offers ways for readers to do some basic chores around the home.

In addition to this you need to get it out there. Look into the many websites you can list the product on. You can also look at submitting it to e-book directories and on websites that sell e-books that range from free of charge to regular book prices for e-book readers.

Once you have the e-book finalized you can easily insert your company into it a few ways. Make it freely available from your website, add a header or footer to each page that has your company and/or website address and make sure there is a paragraph at the beginning and end that is specific to your company and what you offer in relation to the content of the text.

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