How to Purchase Dumbells on eBay

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How to Purchase Dumbells on eBay

A dumbbell is a form of exercise equipment used in strength and conditioning training. Dumbbells tend to have a handle and a set weight either side of the handle to create resistance when lifting.

eBay is home to thousands of pieces of exercise equipment, and therefore also list a large number of dumbbells. There are a variety of dumbbells available on the market, including those that are used, and this is represented on the site.

There are a number of different ways to decide on the dumbbells that should be purchased. There are a number of types of dumbbell that are best suited to certain exercise requirements and styles. In addition, buying factors, such as storage and price play an important role in determining the type of dumbbell that is to be purchased.

The following guide aims to help those wishing to buy dumbbells on eBay through the buying process. 

Types of Dumbbell

One of the best ways of buying dumbbells on eBay is by recognising which type of dumbbell is best suited to one’s personal needs and requirements. The type of dumbbell that is purchased should be decided by the budget limit of the buyer, as well as factors like how much variation in weight is desired.

To clarify the main types of dumbbell available on eBay, here is a table listing and detailing those on the market:


Aquabells are not as common as other types of dumbbell but they have many advantages that make them a perfectly plausible form of dumbbell.

Commonly known as water dumbbells, dumbbells of this nature have a design feature that enable users to fill the weight compartments on either side of the handle with water in order to add weight to them.
Due to the fact that the owners can add the water themselves makes water dumbbells versatile and personal to the user. One can fill the dumbbell with as much water as they wish, whether they want a lighter weight to lift or a heavier weight. Another benefit of aquabells is that they are, more often than not, portable. This means that they can be taken anywhere, as they deflate after the water has been drained out. This is useful for storage purposes, as well as for those who travel a lot and do not have space for a more permanent form of dumbbell. However, the portability of water dumbbells means they can only be filled to a maximum weight of usually around 6 kilograms.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are an extremely popular development in the dumbbell market. There are two main types of adjustable dumbbells. The first involves a twist and lock feature, which means that the user can add or take way weights to suit personal requirements or for different exercises.
This is a useful option to have for those who are wishing to continually build muscle, as the dumbbells can be increased in weight. One of the drawbacks of this type of adjustable dumbbell is that one will also have to purchase the different weights, and storage of these may be an issue.
Also, changing weights during workouts can mean a drop in heart rate and decrease in the effectiveness of the work out. The second type of adjustable dumbbells carries the same properties as the first in that the weights can be changed to suit workout requirements.

However, this type of adjustable dumbbell rests on a stand while not being used. This is where the weight adjustment takes place. Whilst on the stand, the user can pick and choose which weights are used on the dumbbell before picking it up. This means that space is not as much of an issue, as all of the weights are either on the stand or on the dumbbell at any one time.

Traditional Dumbbells

Traditional dumbbells are those that have fixed weights attached to the handle. This puts them at a disadvantage to the likes of adjustable dumbbells. However, one can purchase sets of traditional dumbbells that include a variety of weights. These normally come in stands for easier storage, and are reasonably cost-effective.
Most traditional dumbbells are coated with either neoprene or iron, but there are some available that are plastic and use concrete at the ends of the dumbbell to create the weight. They can also come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, including those with hexagonal weights to prevent rolling when not being used.

Commercial Dumbbells

Commercial dumbbells are much like the ones that can be found in gyms and fitness centres. They often come in heavier weights to allow for bodybuilding exercises, but tend to take the same form as cast iron traditional dumbbells. A lot of commercial dumbbells will also feature better materials on the handle to allow for a better grip on the weight. This can make the difference between how well the exercise in question is being performed.
Commercial dumbbells are available on eBay. However, due to the fact that they are usually a higher quality than those designed for use in the home, they tend to be more highly priced.

Workout Preferences

It is also wise to work out the dumbbells that one needs to buy from eBay based on which type of exercises and workouts are going to be done. This is so that the right type of dumbbell can be purchased in a cost-effective manner, which does not require additional purchases.

There are two main types of work out that can be done using dumbbells. They are listed below along with recommendations as which type of dumbbell is best suited to them:

  • Bodybuilding: Whilst there are other pieces of fitness and exercise equipment that can help with the continual building of muscle, dumbbells are one of the more popularly used. If one is planning to build muscle then the weights on the dumbbell need to be regularly increased to ensure that this occurs. For this reason it is recommended that adjustable dumbbells are purchased, as they are usually made to have heavier weights.
  • Toning: Toning does not use particularly heavy dumbbells, and is not done to increase muscle mass. Dumbbells can be used as additional pieces of equipment alongside other movements that help tone the body. Thus, the likes of water dumbbells can be used, as well as lighter traditional dumbbells.

Other Dumbbell Buying Considerations

There are also a number of other considerations that need to be factored into the buying process when buying dumbbells on eBay. These considerations are not as exercise based as the others mentioned in this guide, but they are of equal importance:

  • Price: The price that is willing to be paid can determine the type of dumbbell that is to be purchased. If there is a budget limit or one is looking for a more affordable option then the likes of traditional dumbbells or water dumbbells are the preferable choice. However, if one is looking to invest in dumbbells then the adjustable or commercial dumbbells may be worth purchasing.
  • Storage: as with most exercise equipment, one needs to ensure that there is enough space for its storage. If one is purchasing adjustable dumbbells without the stand or a set of traditional or commercial dumbbells, one should be aware that these might take up a lot of space whilst not in use. If storage space is an issue, then sectionalised, adjustable dumbbells or water dumbbells are the perfect choice.
  • Buying Used: There are plenty of used dumbbells available on eBay. If one is looking to buy used dumbbells then it is important to consider their condition. Be sure that the handles and grips are still of a high quality and if buying lock-in adjustable dumbbells, make sure that the locks are included in the transaction.

Buying Dumbbells on eBay

The listings of dumbbells on eBay are easy to find. One should go to the Sporting Goods area of the site and find the Exercise and Fitness link. Click on the Strength Training tab, then the Weights and Dumbbells tab before finally choosing the Dumbbells option. Once at these listings, one can personalise the search via the keyword search bar and the other filter tabs at the side of the page.

Once dumbbells have been found that appear suitable, one should read through the product description to check that they are as they appear. One should also read through the seller’s feedback to see what other buyers think about their previous transactions. There is always the option to get in touch with the seller to find out more about the dumbbells in question.

eBay provides buyers and sellers with three buying options: a Bid, a Best Offer, or the Buy It Now facility. If there is any confusion regarding any of these buying options, it may be wise to visit the Buyer Tips page.


Therefore, the way to buy dumbbells on eBay is by knowing what to look for and what suits personal needs before beginning the search.

Once the search has begun, make use of all the amenities that the site provides to ensure that the set of dumbbells being are as suitable and sensibly priced as possible.

Whether it is a set of traditional dumbbells or some technologically advanced adjustable dumbbells that are being acquired, the eBay marketplace and PayPal allows for an honest and secure purchase.

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