How to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair

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How to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair

Dyeing one's hair is a great way to get a new lease on life or just for a change of pace. Unfortunately, hair dye and other chemical treatments like perms, damages hair over time. Repairing damaged hair regains its natural lustre and texture. Thankfully, there are many products in the health and beauty market available to help get hair back on track. It is important to learn some tips to repair hair beforehand to get a better idea of what methods or products are best suited for one's needs. Hair repair products are available at beauty supply shops, as well as online through retail sites like eBay.

Reducing Chemical Treatments

Depending on the damage on one's hair, reducing chemical treatments is the first step to recovering hair back to its healthy state. For instance, if a buyer's hair routine involves dyeing every six weeks, then it is better to push back a few weeks to allow hair to rest between treatments. If the hair is severely dry and brittle, which are signs of severe hair damage, the only solution is completely removing all chemical treatments and allowing hair to grow out.

Using Hair Care Products

Hair care products are a good way to ease some of the damage caused by chemical hair treatments. Choosing the right products depends on one's hair texture and the kind of damage that is present. By reviewing some of the most popular choices buyers are able to form a better opinion on what works for their hair, whether it be a conditioner or hair mask.

Hair Masks

Using a hair mask is a simple and quick way to reverse some of the damage caused by chemical treatments. Professionals apply hair masks at hair salons.. There are also a number of homemade hair mask recipes that use natural ingredients like bananas, avocados, and coconut oil. Hair masks are thick and are left in the hair for a period of time between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the formula. The key to choosing the best hair mask is to first identify the hair texture and possible required repairs.

Restorative Shampoos and Conditioners

Shampoos are a good way to keep hair clean, but traditional shampoos strip away some of the essential oils necessary to maintain healthy hair. The first recommendation is to not wash one's hair everyday, but when that is not possible choosing a restorative shampoo makes a world of difference. Restorative shampoos contain ingredients that help thicken hair and temporarily repair split ends. Restorative shampoos are especially helpful when combined with a deep or leave-in conditioner.

Heat Protectant Products

Besides chemical damage, hair succumbs to damage from heat from blow drying and flat ironing. Too much heat leaves hair dull and lifeless so it is best to invest in some thermal-activated products that protect against heat. Thermal protectant products work by coating the hair in a protective layer that activates to protect hair when heat is present. Using an ionic blow dryer or a porcelain flat iron promotes less heat exposure when styling. An ionic blow dryer works by blowing charged particles, which cuts down on drying time, while porcelain coated flat and curling tools help shield the hair from heat.

Gloss and Frizz Treatments

There are hair products made specifically to mask and reverse the appearance of damaged hair. Hair gloss products help tame beat up hair by coating it with a layer of oil for a deep conditioning. Gloss treatments are available professionally at a hair salon or done at home using a store bought product. Apply frizz treatments when styling to help smooth flyaway hairs.

Other Hair Tips

Besides limiting chemical treatments and using hair care products, there are other simple tips to follow to promote hair health. Hair brushes are essential to styling hair, but it is important to choose a hair brush with smooth synthetic bristles instead of metal bristles that heat up quickly when blow drying. Another good tip to limit drying time is to use a super absorbent towel, such as a microfibre hair towel, to help absorb water after a shower or bath. The less water retained in one's hair, the less time is spent blow-drying.

How to Buy Hair Repair Products

Fully equipped with the knowledge of repairing hair, shoppers are ready to look online for hot deals on hair repair treatments and products. Start by entering a keyword such as "hair repair treatment" into the Search bar of any eBay page to yield all the associated listings. For more specific results, you can use a product name as the keyword and narrow down the listings by price and postage. To make sure you receive the best service, it always recommended to browse from sellers with positive feedback scores and to read all product descriptions before making a purchase. Hair care does not have to be a hassle when shoppers are prepared with know-how and the right products from eBay to keep hair looking tip top.

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