How to Repair Highlighted Hair

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How to Repair Highlighted Hair

Many people choose highlights to create modern looks and add style to their natural hair colour. However, sometimes highlights damage hair. A bad highlight job can make hair look orange instead of blonde, which looks very unnatural. Depending on the resulting colour or damage level, there are various things you can do to repair highlighted hair.

A simple fix for highlights that turn out a different colour than you expect is to dye your hair one shade darker. When the problem is damaged hair, sometimes you need to start a long-term treatment with conditioners and hair masks. People who highlight their hair regularly can greatly benefit from learning a few tricks to fix highlights gone awry.

How to Recognise Damage

Common symptoms of hair damaged by bleach include brittleness and split ends. If you ignore these initial symptoms, the problem can get worse, so it is important to deal with it quickly. Bleach strips hair of important essential oils that help keep it moisturised and healthy. If hair seems excessively dry, this may be a sign that bleach has damaged it. Harsher symptoms include hair that breaks suddenly and for no apparent reason. In some cases, deep conditioning can help restore the hair's natural balance. When the damage is more serious, the process requires more intensive treatments.

How to Restore Moisture and Balance

Beginning with the first wash after applying bleach, you need to start using a deep-conditioning mask rich in protein to restore your hair's natural moisture. Experts advise that you leave such products in even longer than recommended in product instructions.

If hair appears damaged, you must apply a hair mask at least once a week. It is also important to trade your regular shampoo and conditioner for products especially designed for colour-treated hair. In particular, shampoo for normal hair can have adverse effects on bleached hair.

Choosing the right products to restore moisture is one of the keys to success. For example, you should avoid products containing argan oil, because it can turn highlighted hair yellow. Fortunately, the market offers many efficient products to fit every budget. L'Oreal ' s Absolute Repair Cellular Mask with lactic acid is one of the most popular hair masks on the market. According to user reviews, this product has a profound, long-lasting effect; it can control frizz and dramatically improve dry, damaged hair.

Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask also heals hair that has been overexposed to damaging chemicals. A surprisingly affordable product endorsed by many hair professionals, it contains extract of jojoba, which adds shine and smoothes the cuticle, and patchouli oil , which helps tame frizz and improve overall scalp health.

In a slightly higher price range, Revlon ' s Uniq One All in One is a convenient spray-on treatment mask that offers some advanced features like UVA/UVB filters. According to user reports, this product adds an intense shine and a smooth silkiness to hair after only a couple of weeks.

When it comes to conditioning damaged hair, pure coconut oil conditioners are quite popular. They can naturally repair hair, adding shine and diminishing damage, and they are suitable for everyday use. Inecto manufactures some of the market's top coconut-based hair products.

How to Fix Colour Problems

The most common problem associated with a poor highlight job is a tendency towards orange instead of blonde hair. Fortunately, there are many products on the market that can help with this problem. For example,John Frieda offers an affordable tone-correcting shampoo that helps eliminate unwanted brassy tones. In addition, a mix of cocoa and plain yoghurt make an effective natural mask to remove brassy tones or deepen a hair colour that has come out too light.

If your highlights have a greenish hue, there is a DIY method to fix it using ketchup sauce. In fact, the red pigments of tomatoes counteract green tones. To repair your highlights, massage ketchup into your hair and leave it on for about half an hour.

How to Buy Products to Repair Highlighted Hair on eBay

eBay sellers offer a wide range of hair care products that help repair highlighted hair. Entering " hair repair" into the search bar on any eBay page returns many relevant results. You can then refine your search using some of the available menu options. You can also search for a specific product, such as a "colour-treated hair shampoo", or a specific brand, such as L'Oreal or Inecto. When looking for this type of product, it is important to read the ingredients carefully, as some chemicals used in hair care products cause an adverse reaction on bleached hair. Using quality conditioners and hair masks can quickly help restore highlighted hair.

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