How to Repair a Luggage Zipper

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How to Repair a Luggage Zipper

When travelling, people typically pack what they want to take with them in luggage of various types. Whether people use a large suitcase for a summer holiday or a smaller bag for an overnight stay at a friend's house, luggage is functional and can be stylish. When selecting luggage and before trips, owners should make sure that zippers and snaps work properly. This helps ensure that travellers arrive at their destinations with all of their items securely within their bags. However, things do happen. Before attempting to repair or replace a zipper, owners should know the type of zipper they are repairing and some basic steps for doing so.

Types of Luggage Zippers

Travellers often use different types of luggage with various types of zippers. These luggage types include  carry-on luggage,luggage sets,garment bags,duffle bags,backpacks, briefcase/laptop cases. Zippers are often made from metal or moulded plastic and come in many designs, including closed-end, open-end, two-way separating, two-way head to head, and two-way back to back zippers. After identifying the type of zipper in use, luggage owners can start the repair or replacement process.

Repairing a Luggage Zipper

Instead of buying new luggage when a zipper breaks, travellers should try to repair the item first. This way they can use the luggage for many years to come and save the expense of buying replacement bags.

Checking for Damage

First, owners should check the extent of the damage. Often the problem is simply a stray thread in the teeth of the zipper. Luggage owners can use a pair of tweezers to remove the stray thread easily.

Owners should also check to make sure that the problem is not the fabric of the bag itself or the clothing inside caught in the teeth of the zipper. Owners should carefully remove the fabric, as forcing it open can damage the zipper, the fabric, or both. After removing the fabric, check the zipper to see if it needs repairing, realigning, or even replacing. For a zipper that is stuck, or that does not completely open or close, owners can use oil or wax to lubricate the teeth of the zipper.

Repairing Minor Damage

To align and repair a gap in the zipper, luggage owners need a pair of pliers to remove the metal stop at the end of the zipper. Once removed, carefully unzip the slider until it reaches the area just below the lowest teeth. Realign the zipper by slowly pulling it closed. As long as it remains undamaged, the zipper should mesh smoothly.

To secure the end of the zipper, owners can then sew across the bottom of the zipper with a needle and thread where the metal stop was. Start at the back of the zipper and secure the bottom of the zipper with roughly 15 to 17 cm of thread. The stitches should serve as the new stop for the zipper.

Replacing a Zipper

Sometimes, the whole zipper could need replacing. To do this, owners should remove the slider of the old zipper completely using a pair of pliers. Then they can remove the zipper that needs replacing, making sure not to rip the material of the luggage.

Owners can then sew the new zipper to the material where the old one was. To hold the new zipper in place while they are sewing it, owners can use straight pins. Starting from the inside of the luggage, sew the zipper into place using needle and thread. Once secured, remove the straight pins and stitch across the bottom of the zipper where the metal stop was located with about 15 to 17 cm of thread, locking the stitch into place once completed.

Sewing Kit for Zipper Repair or Replacement

Owners should carry a sewing kit when travelling. This way, they can perform zipper repairs or replacement quickly and easily, even out on the road. A travel sewing kit offers owners a convenient choice. These kits are usually a small, portable size and include thread, needles, pins, cotton, a tape measure, scissors, and other helpful accessories.

How to Buy Luggage on eBay

By using the Search bar located on any eBay page, shoppers can easily find the luggage and zippers they need on eBay. When buying luggage or zippers, shoppers can check the seller's feedback rating to see how others rated the seller. In addition, shoppers can ask any questions using the Ask a Question link.

While travelling, luggage owners can repair luggage zippers easily with a few tools, including wax or oil, pliers, and a sewing kit. Having these tools on hand can ensure a fun holiday with functioning luggage zippers, and shoppers can easily find them all locally or online at eBay.

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