How to Restore Vintage Outdoor Furniture

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How to Restore Vintage Outdoor Furniture

Whether it is for an al fresco dining area, a large patio, garden, or pool area, vintage outdoor furniture is a great way to decorate any outdoor space. Often, vintage outdoor furniture needs restoring to get it in perfect condition. Restoring any type of vintage outdoor furniture requires cleaning, stripping, and protecting. Following a few simple tips ensures restored furniture keeps in its best condition.


Cleaning Vintage Outdoor Furniture

No matter what type of vintage outdoor furniture you have, start by cleaning with a brush, removing dirt, dust, cobwebs, and leaves. Next, wash the outdoor furniture down with a hose and spray nozzle. Then follow with a cloth and soapy water. For vintage wood furniture, a wood cleaning solution may be more suitable. Once all the dirt is gone, rinse again with clean water, and then wipe down to dry.


Stripping Vintage Outdoor Furniture

Restoring painted vintage outdoor furniture, particularly wooden outdoor furniture and metal outdoor furniture, involves stripping back all the paint. Stripping vintage furniture involves using paint stripper and sandpaper, and sometimes a heat gun comes in handy for stubborn old paint layers. With vintage wrought iron outdoor furniture, remove rust spots with steel wool. If you have old wood furniture, like teak outdoor furniture, it needs the original lustre restored, in which a wood conditioner helps return the wood to its original condition and colour.


Protecting Vintage Outdoor Furniture

Both wood and metal outdoor furniture require protection from weather conditions. Once having cleaned and stripped back the vintage garden furniture, it is important to ensure it stays looking its best. For wooden furniture, use wood protection oil. Easily apply wood oil with a paintbrush, cloth, or sponge. Apply the wood oil liberally, and ensure you apply at least two coats. For those who want to repaint their furniture, choose a good-quality outdoor acrylic paint in the desired colour. For metal garden furniture, protect it with a coat of furniture wax to give a beautiful shiny finish.


Keeping Restored Vintage Outdoor Furniture Looking Great

To keep restored vintage garden furniture in optimum condition, you must store it during the winter when not in use. Regularly clean furniture as necessary. When the furniture is not in use, consider using patio furniture covers. For wooden furniture, keep oiling it regularly and for metal furniture, keep on top of any rust spots as soon as they appear.

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