How to Spot a FAKE CHLOE Paddington Bag

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I feel I must write this guide as I was duped into buying a fake Chloe Paddington Bag a few months ago. My husband has since bought me the genuine article from the official Chloe boutique in London so I am able to make a proper comparison between the two. There are some things that stand out:


The bag itself completely collapses on itself- it will not hold its shape at all and the padlock weighs over a pound.


Inside the main zipped pocket there is a serial number embossed on a piece of beige leather which should be in the following format of 6 digits: XX-XX-XX and the numbers are quite small and thin on the real bag.


The interior lining is a pale olive green which is smooth to the touch. The leather is soft and matt - not shiny and will only come in certain colours as Chloe never made a pink Paddington or a yellow one!

The stitching is of excellent quality - there shouldnt be any pulls or missed stitches - the stitching is darker than the colour of the bag and it is thicker than the type used on the fake.

The fake bag is completely white all over, you cannot see any edging to the leather trimmings which are tan/brown on the authentic Chloe.

There should be some extra leather trim on the handles at the top in the middle where you hold the bag. On the fake, the seams of that extra leather are turned inwards - on the real bag they are facing outwards. Also, if your bag comes with plastic sellophane wrapped around the handles - its fake because Chloe dont do that with their bags.

An authentic Chloe does not come with an extra leather swatch tied to the bag - this is something that manufacturers do in China with their leather goods.

If your bag smells too strongly of leather then its likely that is has just been shipped over from China because of the leather treatments they use and the fact that they are made very quickly. The authentic Chloe will have a fainter smell.


The gold brass trimmings on the fake are light polished gold but on the real bag they are a lot darker and all of the hardware matches in tone and colour.

The zips are in silver but all of the other hardware comes in a dark brass finish, including the 6 feet underneath the bag.

On the Padlock the keyhole should be facing downwards - that is to say that if you laid it down flat with the Chloe stamp facing up, it would look the right way up - on the fake the keyhole is upside down. 


The real bag comes with a care card that folds out and is split into 3 sections.

Check the labels that are on the bag - this is something that is harder to replicate for the fraudsters: There should be an embossed Chloe logo stamped on the main label - not printed. Make sure that the labels are tied on with string - if they are attached using plastic loops then it has been made in China and therefore fake.

There should also be the correct terms used on the description sticker: the real bag's colour is blanc - not Ivory or White (if you have the white one), also, the sticker should read - 'Made in Italie'.


Also, check out the dustbag, it should be a pale cream colour and have a smooth, brushed cotton-like feel, not thick and coarse. It should be even in colour with no pigmentation. The drawstring should be thin, smooth and shiny cord - not wooly. The Chloe logo printed on the dustbag should be coarse to the touch, if its smooth when you run your fingers over it then its a fake.


Finally - and this is a good one - only authentic bags would have this: there is some extra leather bound with a stud where the key for the padlock attaches. It just hangs off the end of the tie - no fake Paddingtons have this as far as I am aware.



Please don't be taken in by sellers who say they have receipts or care cards and original dust bags because they are so easy to fake and sometimes, they use the genuine photo but sell you a fake. If in doubt, always buy from a reputable store like Chloe, Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols who will all post out to you. The only genuine website that sells proper designer bags is Net-A-Porter, which Chloe actually recommend.



REMEMBER: If something sounds too good to be true then it almost always is! Nearly ALL of the bags sold on eBay are FAKE, I have only ever seen ONE real Chloe and it had been used - A LOT! It was still being offered for £600.00 though. Think about it, you wouldnt sell a brand new sportscar for 10% of its value would you? So you shouldnt expect anyone to do the equivalent with a designer handbag.

If you want to contact me through eBay and ask me anything then I am happy to discuss your questions.

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