How to Spot and Avoid Shill Bidding on eBay

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:- What is Shill Bidding ? ..

Shill Bidding is when a seller or a  contact of the seller places bids on an item with NO intention to buy and only to increase the auction price of an item they're trying to sell

These shill Bidders often have little or no feedback and have an icon next to their ID to show that their account is less than 30days old, they are often accounts owned and created by the seller for this purpose

You need to click on the number of bids on that item (blue number beneath the price)

You will see a list of people who have placed bids on that item. (unless the listing is private)**(see below)

Look out for people who have placed many bids on the item and click on their user name which appears as t******2 (for example)

you will be able to see how many times and what percentage of bids the person you have clicked on has with the seller of the item you are looking at and also make sure you take a look at the sellers other items to see if they have been bided on by the same person you have just clicked on  

You will hopefully be able to spot any kind of shill bidding from this information, if their number of bids with this seller and percentage of bids with this seller and bidding on items that this seller always sells

For example the bidder you're looking at should have a chart of items bided on and it should say :- Seller 1 Seller 2 Seller 3....etc... to show that they have bids with many different sellers. and different categories, with a low percentage of bids with the seller. This is normal.

Where there is seller 1 repeatedly and the percentage of bids with that seller shows 100% that means the seller is putting their prices up by bidding on them with another account, or maybe just gets the same friend to put his price up on all his items all the time

There was a case of someone selling in England who created a second eBay account just to bid on his own items and put the price up , on very high value items, this was spotted by eBay and he was taken to court and finned heavily

I assume that eBay has difficulty spotting the types of shill bidding I have mentioned above, So it is best that you spend about 2 mins looking at the number of bids, items bid on recently and activity of that person biding with that seller and also the sellers other items to look for matches trends and patterns

Also I have spotted many times when looking for items myself that someone is selling for example a Psp with no games (for example tend to sell for £50 - £120) with a current auction price of  £48 but I guess the seller doesn't want it to go for a low price and I noticed that there was 1 bid close to the last few hours of the auction for £300 , in examples like this where an items price has gone up with just 1 bid to being a ridiculous price that is unrealistic it is either the sellers other account or contact, making sure that the item dosen't end finishing on a price the seller isn't happy with.


**Private Listings > may also being used for shill bidding activity, You may want to avoid private listings altogether as you can NOT follow the check list above, and also ask yourself WHY does the seller want to hide what he has been selling from others who check his feedback as you can't see if the seller has sold any items of the same type or price to anyone else

They may have built up a list of over 100 good feedback low cost transactions , to then start selling the high price items that never turn up ?

You can hopefully avoid being a victim of buying an item that has been shill bided on by following these directions

If you are sure you have spotted someone doing this sort of activity there is a "report this item" link top right of the listing, this will allow you to anomalously report it to ebay, the seller will never know you reported them but you will get a message from ebay thanking you for your assistance and to let you know what course of action they took

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