How to Take Herbal Supplements?

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Powders are easiest to consume when made into a paste by adding a very small amount of water and mixing well, do not add too much water as powders often taste very bitter. The powders can be added straight into shakes and smoothies and blended.


Infusions are made from the leaves, flowers, aerial parts, stems or roots.1 teaspoon of dried herbs, 2 teaspoons of fresh herbs per cup of hot water, brewed for 15 minutes in a ceramic, stainless steel or glass teapot (or coffee percolator) DO NOT USE METAL OR ALUMINIUM.

This can be drunk, or used as a solution for bathing hands or feet or a part of the body locally.Any herbal remedy needs to be repeated as recommended.


Tinctures are made by infusing dried or fresh herbs into alcohol, to a very specific ratio normally 1:3 (1 part herb to 3 parts alcohol). Liquid or Fluid extracts are made to a more concentrated solution of 1:1. Both are to be taken as recommended either neat or in fruit juice or water. (The alcohol can be evaporated away by heating the tincture in a pan with a little water for a couple of minutes then left for 10 minutesto cool whilst the alcohol evaporates.)as desired


Simply light a charcoal by holding the charcoal in one hand over a flame until it starts to sizzle red and sometimes crackle, then set it down on a heat resistant charcoal burner and leave it until it heats up and turns grey(5 minutes max). Next take a very small amount of resin and crumble it onto the charcoal then cover with lid of burner, now sit back and enjoy the heady smells of real resin burning.

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