How to Use Nail Art Brushes

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How to Use Nail Art Brushes

Beautiful nails are something that many women strive to have and often spend a small fortune at salons for the privilege. In order to counteract expense of receiving and maintaining nail art, women often choose to decorate the nails themselves. Many women enjoy creating their own designs yet often feel some trepidation at the process because adding that personal touch does require a steady hand, practice, and some good brushes which are located at beauty supply stores and online at eBay.

That is why obtaining the right nail art brushes is very helpful in this process. Also, having some pointers on how to use them eases the fear or frustration some people feel when it comes to doing their own nails.

Choose the Right Nail Art Brush

Nail art brushes come in a various styles with many of the brushes being more specialised to handle to certain types of nail polishes over others. Cleaning nail art brushes with acetone ensures that the nail polish remover process is more thorough, so for this reason, choose brushes that withstand acetone as well as other chemicals. For example, brushes for acrylic nail polish and regular nail polish differ in the type of hair composition the brushes use.

Nail art brushes from natural hair work best with acrylic polish, whilst nail art brushes which have a synthetic fibre composition are ideal for regular nail polish. Eliminating the guesswork is often easier by choosing brushes with labelling that clearly states the intention, such as " acrylic nail art brushes&". For people who like to have a wide assortment of brushes and other accessories, choosing nail art kits or sets is a good route to take in order to save some extra money.

Apply the Polish

When all the necessary tools are in hand, it is time to start the polishing process. Begin by adding a small amount of polish to the end of the nail brush. Unlike polishing a nail fully with one colour, nail art designs are easier to work with if just a small amount of polish tips the end of the nail brush. This helps minimise the chance of extra polish spilling over to outside areas. Dipping the brush more frequently for each strokes helps control the boundaries of the nail art design placement.

Create the Design

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when applying the polish to create the design is to move the nails under the brush instead of moving the brush over the nails, as a person would normally apply regular nail polish. The reason for this is that it is much easier to keep the brush steady by controlling the hand rather than trying to control the small tip of a nail brush. Keeping the nail art brush steady in this manner is particularly helpful when creating vertical and horizontal lines because this type of stroke creates smoother and straighter lines.

Pay Attention to Small Details

In order to make sure the nails look as professional as possible, clean up the edges of the nails by removing any stray polish that is covering the skin next to the nails. Accomplishing this is easy by dipping a clean nail art brush into nail polish remover and then running it over the misbehaving polish. Follow this process by using the tip of a clean cotton swab to clean up the unwanted polish.

Also make sure to check the nail cuticle beds for any signs of overlapping nail polish and remove it in the same fashion. An angled eyeliner brush is helpful in the cleanup process and often gets those areas that are hard for other brushes to reach. Paying attention to small details really pays off when nails receive numerous compliments.

Finish Up

The last step in the process of using brushes for nail artwork is to add the finishing touches by shining the nails up and cleaning the brushes. Using a clean nail art brush, apply a nail polish topcoat to the entirety of the nails once the artwork is complete. It is important to make sure that the existing polish is already dry before attempting to apply the topcoat or else the polish underneath smudges.

Adding a clear top coat helps make the surface of the nails look more even since nail artwork typically tends to appear raised otherwise. Once applying the final coat is complete, make sure to clean the nail art brushes thoroughly to remove any polish build-up by cleaning them in the appropriate nail polish removal solution or by letting them soak in a covered container of polish remover.

How to Buy Nail Art Brushes on eBay

Being able to find all the right nail art brushes and accessories in one location is often hard to do, unless you shop on eBay. Not only does eBay never close, it makes locating items easy by providing both a search engine and an advanced search feature. You can use either tool to locate nail art brushes by entering in relevant keywords and applying the appropriate filters to narrow your results.

Applying nail art is often a tedious process but one that is easy to perform with the right tools. Using the proper brushes and amount of polish, coupled with the right type of strokes helps minimise mistakes. Cleaning up the brushes correctly ensures they stay in great shape.

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