How to Wash a Jag Bag Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

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No matter how you use your Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner you will need to wash it sooner or later.  And I can guarantee that washing a silk liner is much, much easier than cleaning an expensive down sleeping bag!

Looked after properly a  Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner will give years of service. Silk is an incredible material being 100% natural and organic.  Unbelievably a silk thread is far stronger than a strand of steel of the same dimension.  Silk is a great insulator and will help keep you cool or warm depending on how you use it.  And it feels very smooth, comfortable and luxurious against your skin.

Perhaps its only drawback is that it needs to be cleaned with care.  While you can throw a Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liner in the washing machine with a couple of bio washing tablets and follow it up with a blast in a dryer, you won't be doing anything to increase its usable life.  Too much heat, either wet or dry, will make the silk lose its condition and elasticity.  Extreme heat will make the silk pucker up and shrink  -  a situation you really need to avoid!

Ideally, Jag Bag silk sleeping bag liners should be washed by hand with mild soap in lukewarm water and left to dry naturally.  A quick, cool, iron will then get rid of the major creases.

When I'm travelling I wash my Jag Bag Deluxe Liner in one of two ways:
      • in the shower using hair shampoo
      • in a wash basin using a specialist travel wash such as Dr. Bechmann's
I then make sure is rinsed properly, again with lukewarm water, and then I squeeze, not wring, as much water out as I can.  When it's as dry as possible, I hang it up and let it dry naturally. If I can I use a travel wash line.  Depending on where you're drying it, the Jag Bag will take between a few minutes and an hour to dry.  After that you can either iron it or just use it again as is.

When you travel, make sure you protect your Jag Bag by storing it inside its drawstring stuff sack which should be then put in the sealable plastic.  This will make sure it isn't affected by dust, moisture or insects.

Please have a look the range of Jag Bags in my Ebay shop -  Terrevista Trails .  If you have any questions please email me at and I'll be happy to help.

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