How to Wear Knee-High Boots

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How to Wear Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are a staple of women's fashion, and though traditionally considered all-season wear, make far more of an appearance during winter and fall. Knee-high boots come in several different toe, heel, and shaft styles, each of which should be carefully considered by shoppers before a purchase is made. Knee-high boots are also made of dozens of different materials. Finding boots made of materials which are affordable while also having longevity and the ability to stand up to regular use should be a top priority, as boots of any kind are generally expensive enough to be considered an investment in personal style.

Though it is helpful for most buyers to physically try on a pair of boots before deciding to purchase them, shoppers should consider determining the correct fit and brand of pair at a store and then purchasing the perfect boots online at a website such as eBay.

Different Styles of Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots are often available in a wide array of different styles. How boots are worn is often determined by their style.

Heel Styles in Knee-High Boots

One of the most important options which directly impacts comfort and style in knee-high boots is the different styles of heels that are available. The most common different options in heels for knee-high boots are high heel, wedge heel, block heel, riding boot, and soft sole styles.

High Heel Style Knee-High Boots

Many knee-high boots are available with heels just as high as traditional high heels; in fact, the extra ankle support offered by a tall boot's shaft helps ladies unaccustomed to wearing high heels balance properly. These styles generally feature a severe arch angle and thin, tall heels. High heel styled boots are best worn with form-fitting leggings or jeans, or even under a slim-fitting dress.

Wedge Heel Style Knee-High Boots

Wedge style heels are generally an attractive compromise, allowing ladies to reach the extreme height adjustment and arch angulation of high-heeled boots without having to worry about balancing on a thin heel. Potential buyers should consider that wedge heels begin to feel quite heavy after long use. Wedge heel style boots look bigger and more bulky, and are therefore evened with slightly more baggy jeans tucked into the boots or with longer, more flowing skirts and blouses. Alternatively, they are evened out by wearing a jacket with a large or off-coloured collar.

Block Heel Style Knee-High Boots

Block heels are generally both thicker and shorter than high heel varieties, allowing wearers to attain the distinctive look and height advantage of a higher heel while also providing more stability and support for the wearers. Block heeled boots are sensible for either casual or work wear.

Riding Boot Style Knee-High Boots

Riding boot style heels feature a raised heel which covers the full surface area of the heel on the sole. Riding boot heel heights are generally very short, usually topping out at 1 inch. This style of heel is meant to mimic the heels common to boots popularized in antiquity for equestrian pursuits, because the placement and depth of the heel allows riders to better maintain position in the stirrups. These heels are a sensible option for ladies wanting a little boost to their height but feel uncomfortable with higher heel options.

Riding boots are such a classic option that they are worn with nearly anything. Riding boots with a more slouchy shaft favour breezy scarves and more draping fabrics, while lean, close-fitting riding boots complement well-fitted jeans and a slim-cut jacket.

Soft Sole Style Knee-High Boots

The soft sole style boots feature no heel of any kind, but have a smooth, single-level sole. This style is most common for softer boots with little structure, such as moccasin boots, and they are often found in buckled or lace-up varieties.

Materials in Knee-High Boots

The materials which make the boots determine how long owner can expect the boots to last and whether or not they need to be broken in. The materials also determine if the boots' overall appearance will be affected. In general, the different boot materials can be worn with almost any outfit, but a few tips on selecting an outfit around the boots can make the boots the centrepiece of an ensemble.

Leather Knee-High Boots

Leather knee-high boots are the long-standing classic and often the iconic image of knee-high boots. Leather is available in a wide variety of finishes and colours, but is also tooled to display complex designs. Plain leather boots are best when worn with high-contrast accent colours or interesting patterns, while slouching or tooled leather belts should match dominant colours in an outfit, to better put the craftsmanship of the boots on display. Leather, however, is prohibitively expensive for most individuals and requires regular maintenance to be kept in top condition. That said, leather boots slowly conform to wearers' feet and calves over time, making them immensely comfortable. They are also known to last a long time.

Suede Knee-High Boots

Suede knee-high boots have a matte look and gently nubbed texture. They are also touchably soft and easily dyed any colour imaginable. Suede is often used as a cheaper alternative to true leather boots, though like leather, suede is very durable and long lasting. Also like leather, suede needs occasional maintenance to be kept in top condition.

Suede boots look cosy and comfortable, especially in winter, and they also look best when paired with woolly-looking sweaters or tweed patterns. They are also used to easily display an outfit's accent colour.

Synthetic Knee-High Boots

Many boots are available in synthetic materials, which include a variety of synthetic fabrics, faux leathers, and faux suedes. Synthetics are on the whole cheaper than suede or leather options, though they often mimic the look of leather and suede. Synthetic knee-high boots, however, do not last as long as leather or suede alternatives.

Synthetic knee-high boots are found in any colour or even with textures or patterns. Patterned boots should be bought and worn with caution, as matching them too well to the same pattern in other elements of an outfit produces results just as awful as mismatching entirely. Instead, users should focus on wearing boots in blacks or warm neutrals, which are easily paired with multiple outfits.

Closure Types on Boots

Interest is usually added to boots via the method of the closure. In most cases, the closure is either a buckle or lace-up option. However, some boots are also manufactured in the pull-on style.

Buckled Boots

There is a timeless appeal to the presence of buckles on a well-fitted pair of boots, and straps which cross the circumference of the calf often add another pleasant dimension to boots which would otherwise look plain. Buckles and straps on boots should appear relatively sparingly, as they serve to reduce wearers' apparent height by ruining vertical lines.

Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up knee-high boots, by contrast, give the illusion of increased height, thanks to the long vertical lines formed by the seams and tongue. Lace-up boots are also a solid selection for ladies with wide calves, as all that is needed to make the boots fit the calves is to tighten the laces. On the other hand, pull-on boots are often constrained to a static calf size and buckle boots are constrained by the length of typically short straps.

Pull-On Boots

Pull-on knee-high boots are a classic, seamless-looking option for most ladies. Well matched to almost any kind of outfit, they are usually simple and clean, but can be difficult to put on, especially when worn over trousers or jeans.

Finding Knee-High Boots on eBay

Knee-high boots are easy to find and purchase using eBay's user-friendly software. First, head to the eBay homepage. Once there, look for the search bar. Click on the bar and type in the words which describe your ideal pair of knee-high boots. Some examples might be "two tone riding boots", "high-heeled knee-high boots", or "lace-up knee-high boots". The eBay search bar is located on each of eBay's internal pages in addition to the homepage, so that new or edited searches are a breeze for shoppers to perform. After you have finished typing, click enter to be rewarded with the list of items which match your description.

If you ever need to contact a seller directly with questions or comments about an item, eBay provides an easy 'Ask a question' function on each of its listings. Clicking this link guides you through the process of communicating with a seller about an item.


Knee-high boots are a great element to add to a wardrobe in any season and do a great deal to class up any outfit. Buyers looking to purchase a pair of boots should consider what would best suits their personal style before making the leap to purchase a pair, a task which proves difficult thanks to the wide variety of styles in which they are manufactured. Knee-high boots in higher heels accentuate the leg, giving wearers a long and lean appearance, but this may not be best for ladies who are already rather tall or who feel uncomfortable in heels. Knee-high boots are also manufactured in many different materials; wearing the right option guarantees that the large amount usually spent to purchase a pair goes to boots which last through several seasons. But no matter what variety of boots shoppers decide to settle on, shopping online at websites such as eBay helps guarantee that they are purchased for the best price possible.

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