How to Wear Leather Belts

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How to Wear Leather Belts

Leather belts are a fashionable way to accessorise both formal and casual outfits. There is a wide variety of leather belts available for both women and men in styles that are appropriate for a range of settings. Before purchasing a leather belt, buyers should consider the different ways to wear the accessory.


Leather Belts for Women

Women's leather belts worn with a pair of jeans or trousers are perfectly acceptable, but when worn over a blouse or jacket, they become a very chic accessory. Long waisted women should wear their belts high on their natural waistline for the most flattering effect. Women with short waists should use skinny leather belts for an elongated look. Belts that offer a high contrast with outfits draw attention to the waistline, so if women do not have well-defined waists, they should layer blazers or cardigans over the top. Belts in colours that blend with garments draw less attention to the waistline.


Formal Leather Belts for Men

Leather belts are a stylish and functional way for men to accessorise formal outfits. Black or brown leather belts, especially those with small square buckles, are ideal for suit trousers. Men should choose belt colours that match their shoes and belt buckles should complement other accessories, such as watches or cufflinks. In general, formal belts should be no wider than 4 centimetres.


Casual Leather Belts for Men

Men that would like to wear their belts as accent pieces should make sure that the accessories match other components of the outfit, such as the shoes, for a coordinated look. If belts are used as centrepieces, then men should choose leather ribbon styles, which are ideal for casual outfits that include boat shoes or golf clothing. These belts have leather front sections with a standard buckle and often feature bright colours and patterns on canvas. Wide leather belts are appropriate for casual settings, especially when they have snapped loops that allow wearers to interchange belt buckles. These belts are ideal for collectors that like to find unusual belt buckles. Finally, tooled leather belts feature a decorative, stamped pattern that makes them ideal with a pair of cowboy boots and denim jeans.

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