How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

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How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

During the winter months, the ground is often covered in slush, snow, ice, grit, or puddles. To protect their feet from the elements and from the cold, women typically wear boots during the winter. Many women enjoy having a collection of boots from which to choose their footwear for a particular day. One unique boot style is the over the knee boot. Wearing these boots results in a sexy style that can be downplayed or enhanced according to the wearer’s preferences. Women who want to try this style need to know which clothing pieces best complement their over the knee boots. This guide provides some insight into the history of over the knee boots and describes several different outfits that women can try with a pair of over the knee boots. It also mentions a few places where buyers can obtain over-the-knee boots, including local shops and online retailers like eBay.

About Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are sometimes abbreviated OTKBs. As the name suggests, over the knee boots reach above the wearer’s knee, leaving only the thigh or part of the thigh exposed. Over the knee boots are usually tight-fitting, but they widen around the knee area to allow room for the joint to bend comfortably as wearers walk or sit. The tallest form of over the knee boots is the thigh-high boot.

Colours and Closures

While over the knee boots typically come in some form of black or brown leather, they are also available in other colours and materials. Common closures for over the knee boots include zippers, buckles, lace-ups, and buttons. Heels may be stiletto, chunky, wedge, low, or flat, giving buyers a significant number of options to choose from.

Over the Knee Boots in Popular Culture

Over the knee boots were popularised in part by their appearance in the American movie Pretty Woman. In her role as the escort Vivian Ward, actress Julia Roberts sported a tight miniskirt, bare legs, and a pair of over the knee boots in shiny patent leather. This style worked well for the character and garnered attention from many movie fans. However, it is generally considered too seductive of an ensemble for most occasions, such as a typical day at work, a night out with friends, a shopping trip, or a family gathering.

Amongst Celebrities

Female celebrities try out over the knee boots from time to time. Some wear them on a regular basis, enjoying the sexy style. Miranda Kerr, Rihanna, Sienna Miller, and Kate Moss are just a few of the well-known women who like to step out in a pair of over the knee boots.

Style for Three Seasons

Over the knee boots are sometimes considered autumn or winter wear because of the heavy coverage that they provide for the legs. However, they can also be worn during the early spring when the weather is still chilly in the mornings and evenings. These boots cover most of the leg, providing warmth as well as shapely style.

What to Wear with Over the Knee Boots

Most women who wear over the knee boots appreciate the edgy style. However, some may need to subdue the sexy overtones of the style for their workplace or for some other activity. There are many ways to wear over the knee boots and remain classy yet eye-catching.

Try Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are extremely versatile and work well with many kinds of boots. Women can put on a pair of tight-fitting skinny jeans followed by over the knee boots. The skinny jeans offer more coverage than a short dress or skirt, allowing the wearer to move freely and comfortably. For a casual activity, the boots and jeans can be worn with a form-fitting sweater for a flattering silhouette. For a slightly more professional look, wearers could choose a crisply pressed white blouse or dress shirt instead of the sweater.

Wear Leggings

Leggings, like skinny jeans, are versatile clothing items that all women should have in their wardrobe. They are ideal for wearing under over the knee boots. However, leggings can be very tight and clingy around the hip and groin area, so women will likely want to wear a tunic or a long, loose-fitting sweater with them for extra coverage.

Choose a Pair of Shorts

During slightly warmer weather, such as the early fall or spring, women can also wear their over the knee boots with shorts. If wearers feel daring and want to show off a summer tan and toned thighs, they may choose to go bare-legged and wear just their denim shorts and their over the knee boots. For women who would like extra coverage for their thighs, a pair of opaque tights or stockings in a dark colour will provide a slimming, concealing effect. Over the tights, women can wear denim shorts or tweed shorts along with their high boots.

Select a Short Dress

Wearing over the knee boots with pantyhose and a mini dress is a bold choice. Women who wear this type of outfit should feel comfortable with the amount of skin they are showing and the overall impression of the ensemble. A tight, short dress with high boots can be very provocative, whereas a more loose-fitting, flowing mini dress can soften the bold effect of the boots and add feminine flair.

Try a Long Dress

Wearing a long dress or skirt with over the knee boots may seem like an odd choice. If wearers are planning to cover the boots, why wear them at all? However, a thigh-high slit in the skirt or dress gives wearers plenty of coverage, shows off their curves, and gives onlookers a sneak peek at the daring black boot underneath. This look can be both sophisticated and sexy.

Accessorise the Outfit Correctly

A sleek ensemble like a long dress and over the knee boots requires more sophisticated accessories. A short, feminine dress with stockings and high boots could be accessorised with a fun scarf for added flair. For a combination of skinny jeans, over the knee boots, and a simple sweater, women can add even more character with some chunky jewellery and a big hobo bag.

Choose the Right Heel

Stiletto heels give the wearer a striking, stylish appearance. However, in the dead of winter, when streets and paths are coated in ice or slush, a pair of over the knee boots with stiletto heels may put wearers at risk. A twisted ankle or snapped heel can end an evening of fun before it begins. Before purchasing over the knee boots, buyers should consider the activities to which they plan to wear the boots. They should also think about the terrain and weather conditions common to their town or city. For certain situations, a chunky heel or a low heel may be safer and more comfortable.

Buying Over the Knee Boots on eBay

Shoe shops, department stores, and women’s clothing stores in your town. However, if you would like a wide variety of styles choices at bargain prices, you will want to check eBay’s supply of over the knee boots. Simply visit eBay’s homepage and type a search term such as "over the knee boots" into the search bar to see all available listings. To keep track of eBay’s listings for over the knee boots, save your search so that eBay can send you updates about new postings.

eBay allows buyers to narrow their search results to make shopping easier. For over the knee boots, you could narrow the results by selecting a boot size, condition (new or used), price range, brand, heel height, material, fastening, or seller location. You will likely want to look for sellers who offer free shipping and provide a return policy. Some sellers also have a Top Rated seller seal displayed on their listings, alerting you to the fact that they have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from their other customers. These Top Rated sellers are likely to provide you with high-quality service and products.

For a shopping session that more closely resembles a retail experience, you can try eBay Shops. In this special section of eBay, results are listed by shop instead of by item. There are no auction style listings. You would simply enter you search term, such as "over the knee boots" and then click on the links to the shops that carry that style of footwear.


From the classic black leather boot that comes just below to the knee to the daring yeti boot covered in shaggy fur, boots come in a wide variety of styles, heights, and colours. Over the knee boots are a daring trend. They offer a lengthening, slimming effect to the wearer’s legs. While they tend to emphasise a woman’s seductive side, they can also be dressed up or dressed down for other looks. With skinny jeans, a chunky sweater, handmade jewellery, and a hobo bag, the boots feature the wearer’s artsy side. With a long slit dress, dangly earrings, and a clutch bag, the boots look more chic and elegant. Women should feel free to experiment with different clothing combinations to find what looks best with their over the knee boots. If they consider their lifestyle and their personal comfort, they should be able to select a pair of over the knee boots that will complement many pieces in their current wardrobe.

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