How to Wear Short Dresses With Boots

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How to Wear Short Dresses With Boots

Wearing a short dress with boots is no longer a fashion faux pas, although there are still some looks which are a no go for some people. From 1970s punk, to modern day glamour, short boots worn with dresses are popular across all generations of ladies fashion, from teens to the more mature. Ankle boots work well, providing they are of the correct length in comparison to the hem of the dress. Thigh high boots provide warmth, as well as outrageous sex appeal, while biker boots help to dress down a fancy short dress and make it appropriate for general everyday wear. There are lots of different combinations suited to a range of boot styles. This guide helps buyers to choose the right boots to create their most desired look, and gives advice on which looks to avoid. Boots, short dresses, tights and other accessories can be found at department stores, highstreet retailers, as well as online at auction sites, such as eBay, where these essential items are available at affordable prices.

Type of Boots

When thinking of wearing a short dress with boots, the style of the boots should be considered carefully. Some boots are more appropriate to certain looks, and occasions, especially when paired with short dresses. Boots that shout "outrageous teenage party girl" may not be the most appropriate type for a more mature woman at a genteel evening soiree. To keep feet comfortably cool in the summer, try peep toe boots.

Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots with a high heel and a pointed toe can create an alluring appearance when coupled with a short dress. This style may not be appropriate for all occasions. When worn with a gap between the top of the boot and the hemline, they exude sex appeal and scream self confidence. For more sombre, or formal events, or for general day wear, this style may be inappropriate. To tone down the look, wearers can choose thigh-highs that have a lower heel and completely cover the leg, disappearing under the dress. Either of these options instantly makes the outfit more versatile.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a popular choice for wearing with a short dress. Flat ankle boots or those with a small heel, can be worn with a short dress and a pair of tights. The choice of ankle boot depends on the desired look, as well as the age and taste of the wearer. A common choice among younger people is to wear a pair of Dr Martens ankle boots, either with socks or sheer tights, with a very short dress. This look has been popular since the 1970s, but should be worn selectively as it may be frowned upon at formal occasions. When choosing ankle boots to wear with a short dress, select a pair of boots with a length that is proportionate to the hemline of the dress. The shorter the dress, the taller the shaft of the ankle boot should be. Therefore, taller ankle boots should be paired with micro-mini dresses. Without colour matching tights to help elongate the leg, a taller boot and a lower hemline can make the legs look short and out of proportion.

Mid Calf Boots

Mid calf length boots are always a popular choice with a short dress, for special occasions or everyday wear. Whether dressing down a short dress or making a fashion statement, flat, mid calf biker boots are an excellent choice. Alternatively, to dress up a short dress, mid calf length boots with a small to medium heel may be the answer. Cowgirl boots are another classic and also very popular, with embroidered designs or embellishments along the sides of the boot and sometimes across the toe. Mid calf length boots are the best choice in the winter for women who want to remain fashion conscious, while staying warm. So, in the chillier seasons, the trendy short dress can be worn with a pair of thick tights and mid calf length boots to create a fashionable yet practical outfit.

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots can be worn with very short dresses, or those that reach to mid thigh. These boots are not worn generally with knee length skirts, as this look, with a tiny peep of leg showing through, is often considered dowdy and unflattering. Knee length boots can help to add warmth to an outfit on a cold day, especially when paired with tights.


Adding a pair of tights to an ensemble of a short dress and boots serves several functions. Firstly, in the colder months, a thick pair of tights helps to keep the wearer warm, and enables them to wear their shorter, lighter dresses for a larger proportion of the year. Patterned tights bring tone and texture to an outfit, are a quick and easy way to dress up a plain outfit without adding too much colour. On the other hand, tights can also be used to bring colour to an otherwise plain outfit. Coloured tights can accentuate a colour in the dress, boots, or other in accessories. Dark tights, especially black ones, help to create the illusion of longer legs, and when put together with the right boots and dress combination, can make the wearer appear taller.

Seasonal Considerations

It is true that wearing boots and thick tights helps the wearers to stay warmer during the autumn and winter months, but in the summer, many boots cease to be an option, as they make the feet uncomfortably hot and sweaty, particularly when worn with thick tights. Very thin tights, and those which have large holes and patterns, such as fishnets, are a good option if the wearer still wishes to don a pair of tights with her dress and boots during the summer. As long boots cover both the foot and part of the leg, the taller the boot, the quicker it becomes unbearably warm inside. So, wearing short boots is a good option in the summer. Another option, if the dress and occasion are appropriate, is to wear cutaway boots, which have a gap either at the toe or heel, or sometimes both. This promotes better airflow around the foot, and helps to prevent sweating and irritation. Good quality boots suitable for the summer weather have a breathable inner, which also encourages air flow.

Buying Boots and Accessories on eBay

Boots can be purchased from shoe shops, clothing shops and department stores. They can also be purchased from online retailers and auction sites such as eBay. When purchasing items on eBay, buyers should read the description and look at the photos carefully to look for signs of wear or damage. If there are any areas of concern, buyers should ask the seller for photos that show the areas of concern more clearly. The seller can be contacted directly by using the "Ask a question" link on the item description page.

Buyers can search for boots and accessories from the eBay homepage. They can enter a general search term like, "long boots", which will give a list of results to browse through. The buyer may then choose various categories to narrow down the search results. If the buyer has a specific type of boot in mind, then they can make the search more specific, like "black biker boots 6". Buyers should check that the seller offers the option to refund or return the items, usually within a set number of days, in case the boots do not fit, or are otherwise unsuitable on arrival. For those concerned with hefty postage costs, it may be possible to find items listed on eBay locally, so that, if the seller agrees, the buyer can collect the items in person. This is a handy way to save money.

Choosing a Seller on eBay

Buyers should look at the feedback of the seller to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly. Buyers leave feedback for a seller once the transaction has been completed. The feedback may be positive, negative, or neutral. Therefore, by choosing a seller who has a high amount of positive feedback, the buyer is more likely to have a high standard of service. More and more of the top brands are now also on eBay such as Balmain for H&M.


Gone are the days when short skirts and boots were worn only by teenage punks and grunge wannabes. Now, the combination of short dresses and boots is everywhere. There are certain rules to follow to create the perfect look, but at the same time, wearers can be brave and disregard the rules entirely to start their own fashion trend. This guide gives buyers the pros and cons of many of the popular styles of boots, and describes how they can be worn with short dresses to create different looks. It also provides information on how to use tights to enhance short dress and boot combinations to keep the legs warm and make them look longer or to add texture and colour. This guide helps buyers to use eBay to create their perfect look by confidently purchasing all the elements with ease.

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