How to Wear Yeti Boots

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How to Wear Yeti Boots

The autumn and winter months bring cold wind, rain, sleet, ice, fog, and snow. To protect themselves against the cold and the unpleasant weather, women need a good winter wardrobe consisting of warm pants and skirts, sweaters and long-sleeved shirts, coats, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, and boots. Boots are especially important since they not only prevent heat loss through the feet but also provide the wearer with much-needed traction on slippery winter sidewalks and other surfaces. Boots come in a variety of different styles, and many women invest in multiple pairs to carry them through the coldest months of the year.

One recent trend in winter footwear is the yeti boot, a shaggy yet appealing style that never fails to make a statement. This guide discusses the primary features of yeti boots, explains their origins, and describes some outfits and styles that go well with yeti boots. It will also explain where buyers can purchase yeti boots, including local clothing and footwear shops as well as websites like eBay.

About Yeti Boots

Yeti boots are named after a furry mythical beast that is said to inhabit snowy mountain areas. These boots are also known by several other names. Depending on the region, they may be called bear paw boots, mukluks, or simply "furry boots". Their design originates from the traditional mukluks worn by the Eskimo people of the polar regions. Yeti boots are shaped like a normal boot, but the outside of the boot is covered in long, thick fur.

Fur Colour

The fur on yeti boots may be real or synthetic, depending on the preference of the buyer. If real, the fur may be cowhide, rabbit fur, or something more exotic like Himalayan goat hair (Manolo Blahnik uses it in his yeti boot design). Faux fur can be dyed any colour. However, the most common shades are natural fur colours like white, grey, black, and brown.

Typical Height

Yeti boots typically reach the middle of the wearer’s calf. However, some versions may end around the ankle, and others may reach nearly to the wearer’s knee. While most yeti boots are flat or incorporate a low heel, others feature heels of three inches or more, creating a platform effect. Chanel sells a pair of yeti boots in an over-the-knee style, complete with waves of faux fur and an icicle-style heel.

History of Yeti Boots

Yeti boots have been a polarising style since they came into popularity during the 1970s. People either love the yeti boot look, or they do not like it at all. When yeti boots first came into fashion, they were most commonly seen on disco dance floors. The trend was short-lived but experienced a resurgence in North America at the end of the 1990s. During this later period, celebrities like Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Kate Moss, Pamela Anderson, and Meg Mathews wore the furry boots constantly. This kind of endorsement contributed to the boots’ rise in popularity.

Current Trend

In 2008, yeti boots experienced another fashion peak. Since new boot styles come out every season, they may eventually fade out of fashion again. However, like most unique and comfortable footwear styles, they will be back again and again throughout the coming decades. Buyers who purchase yeti boots now can wear them through the end of the trend and then store them carefully until fashion brings this style into the limelight again.

Tips for Wearing Yeti Boots

Many women will want to try the yeti boot trend, both for its appealing warmth and the daring eye appeal that it provides. However, some women may be unsure how to work the yeti boot with their current wardrobe.

Avoid Chunky Clothing with Yeti Boots

Due to their furry design, yeti boots tend to add bulk to the leg. Owners should not wear their yeti boots with pants and shirts that are too thick and heavy, or they may end up with an oversized, unattractive look that does not flatter their figure. Instead, wearers should choose an outfit that provides contrast to the chunky boot.

Choose the Right Venue for Yeti Boots

Buyers who have just invested in a brand-new pair of yeti boots will not want to see them damaged in a single day or evening. Before wearing the boots to a particular occasion or activity, owners need to think about the kinds of surfaces and weather elements they might encounter. Yeti boots, while eye-catching and stylish, are not designed for practicality. Buyers would not want to wear them while trudging through rain puddles or snowdrifts, or the fur could become wet, tangled, and dirty. Animal droppings, pieces of discarded chewing gum, or abandoned cigarettes with ash still crumbling at the end also pose a risk to the fur on yeti boots. In addition, some of the high-heeled versions perform very poorly on ice.

In spite of these functional drawbacks, yeti boots can be very warm and comfortable. Some styles incorporate flatter soles with more traction. Whether buyers choose a high-heeled or low-heeled version, they can expect to turn heads and draw compliments as they walk from shop to shop or from the car to the nightclub.

Try a Mini-Dress and Tights

When worn with the right outfit, yeti boots can actually make the wearer’s legs look more slender. Women can try pairing their yeti boots with a tunic or a mini-dress and some dark tights or leggings for a dramatic slimming effect. The boots can also be worn bare-legged, but users should be aware of the temperatures if they want to go out in a short dress with bare legs. The dramatic effect of the boots could be subdued if the wearer is shivering with cold.

Wear Skinny Jeans

Like tights, skinny jeans minimise the width of the leg. They allow the viewer’s eye to focus primarily on the yeti boots. Wearers should ensure that their skinny jeans fit smoothly inside the top of the boots. Any extra material scrunched above the boot can make legs look thicker.

Choose a Simple Top

The shirt or top that women choose to wear with their yeti boots and skinny jeans needs to meet two important criteria. First, it should be fairly simple. Any eye-catching adornments or embellishments will compete visually with the boots and can cause the outfit to look cluttered or unbalanced. Secondly, the top needs to be thicker or chunkier. While a thick pair of jeans and a sweater with yeti boots may be too much, skinny jeans, leggings, or jeggings with a bulky top will create an attractive balance. The calves and feet will seem heavier, while the thighs and hips look thin. The torso and bust should have some bulk to balance the look. A sweater with a hood and simple lines may serve this purpose. Women could also try a form-fitting, long-sleeved shirt under a puffy vest, or experiment with a loose tunic jumper with Dolman sleeves.

Opt for a Shorter Jacket or Coat

Yeti boots are typically worn during the colder months of the year, so women who wear yeti boots will probably need a coat or jacket to stay warm. With yeti boots, the legs are revealed and shown off, so it is important that any coat or jacket be short enough to show off the legs. Jackets worn with yeti boots should come just below the waist or end at the hip. For a more professional or dressy look, a short pea coat works well with yeti boots. For casual occasions, women might try a bomber jacket in a puffy style.

Buying Yeti Boots on eBay

You may find yeti boots in shoe shops, designer boutiques, or apparel stores in your area. You can also find more choices and more affordable prices if you shop on eBay. eBay allows to you conveniently contact sellers with your questions via the Ask a Question link in each listing and the Contact Member link on every seller profile page. eBay also awards certain sellers a Top Rated seller seal, letting you know that those sellers have received excellent feedback from their previous customers and will likely provide you with satisfactory goods and services. As you shop, look for sellers who are offering bundles or package deals, free shipping, or return policies.

To search for yeti boots on eBay, go to the home page and type "yeti boots" into the search bar. Search results for footwear can typically be narrowed by size, brand, condition, price range, seller location, and other options, to ensure that you receive the results that most closely fit your needs. If you would like to keep track of listings for yeti boots on eBay, save your search and eBay will notify you of any new listings that are posted.

If you would rather not see any auction listings, you could visit the eBay Shops section of the eBay website. This area provides a retail-style experience. When you enter "yeti boots" into the eBay Shops search bar, you will see a list of shops that carry yeti boots, rather than specific product listings. You can enter the shops and browse at your leisure.


Autumn and winter are exciting times of year, full of holidays and gift-giving, family gatherings, and parties with friends and co-workers. For many women, autumn and winter are the ideal time to showcase their love of boots. Their selection may include tall boots, ankle boots, suede boots, and leather boots. However, the boot collection may not be considered complete unless women invest in at least one pair of daring yeti boots. Yeti boots lend a rugged Bohemian air to a winter ensemble, and they look particularly fetching when paired with tight-fitting pants or leggings and a chunky sweater or tunic. If women plan to dance in the boots, they should be sure that the boots do not constrict their feet. The colour of the fur should complement the colours of the wearer’s wardrobe. If buyers take time to investigate their options and think about their lifestyle and their needs, they should be able to select the ideal pair of yeti boots to show off their legs during the winter season.

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