How to Wear a Tunic or Kaftan

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How to Wear a Tunic or Kaftan

Fashion changes quickly in the modern world, but some fabrics and styles are evergreen and have been popular since the beginning of fashion. Two of these evergreen garments are the tunic and the kaftan. While tunics and kaftans are usually associated with beachwear, there are many ways a woman can wear a tunic or kaftan for other purposes, including casual wear and more elegant outfits. A tunic or kaftan is versatile and can be worn as a dress, top, skirt, and so on. If a woman can learn how to style a tunic or kaftan in several ways, she can form a variety of outfits that can help her save money on clothing while staying in fashion.

In order to style a tunic and kaftan in various ways, it is important to learn what these garments are and some of the ways in which they can be worn. These tips can help a woman make an informed decision when buying and styling a tunic or a kaftan.

Brief Introduction to Tunics and Kaftans

Tunics and kaftans originated in two very different parts of the world, though they possess a similar structure. Both are essentially garments that are long, simple, and have varying sleeve lengths. Tunics can reach up to anywhere between the hips and ankles, while kaftans usually go down to the ankles, though shorter kaftans are becoming fashionable. Tunics were first worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans, while kaftans have their origins from the khalats of Persia. While both garments were mostly used by men in previous centuries, today they are popular among women as fashion items. Tunics and kaftans are usually made of cotton, silk, wool, or similar natural fabrics.

Different Ways to Wear Tunics and Kaftans

Tunics and kaftans come in a variety of designs, colours, and fabric types, and their loose cut is perfect for hiding problem areas such as the waistline and the thighs. However, with the right accessories, tunics and kaftan can create feminine and shape-enhancing outfits. This is why tunics and kaftans are among the most versatile garments for women. It is important to know how to combine tunics and kaftans with other items to create a variety of outfits for casual wear, beach wear, and even formal wear that can be adapted for any occasion.

Wearing Tunics and Kaftans as Work Attire

Tunics and kaftans generally look formal due to their conservative design and elegant patterns. Thus, they can be used as work attire by most women, even those who need to wear typical business attire. The key to pulling off the professional look with a tunic or kaftan is by combining them with other items that look professional.

For example, wearing a hip-length tunic or kaftan with a black pencil skirt, a classical jacket, and a pair of high heels can make the wearer look chic yet professional at the same time. However, it is crucial to ensure that the tunic or kaftan is not too transparent, as it would make it too revealing, destroying the professional look of the outfit. If the workplace in question does not require true blue business attire, one can even wear a long-sleeve kaftan or tunic top with a pair of office trousers and flats or platforms and still look professional. Even in this combination, though, the garment should not be transparent, and it should not have too much of a plunging neckline, to ensure it looks professional.

Wearing Tunics and Kaftans as Casual Attire

Tunics and kaftans are inspired additions to any casual attire, and can be worn in a variety of ways. The most common �� into the search bar. You can also be more specific with your search term if you already know what you are looking for. For example, if you want a kimono-sleeve tunic top, then you should type in ‘kimono sleeve tunic’ and these keywords can yield better results than just ‘tunic top’. Also, once you get to the listings page, you can narrow down your search results by using the category panel.

To find more information about an item, just click on it, and you can go on the item’s page. If you need more information, you can contact the seller. Before you purchase an item or bid on it, read all the details and you may also want to look at the seller’s feedback rating. The higher the feedback rating of the seller, the more trustworthy they are in the eyes of eBay buyers.


Tunics and kaftans have been around for centuries. Tunics come from ancient Greece and Rome, while kaftans originate in Persia. Both are free-flowing, loose garments of varying overall lengths, cuts, and sleeve lengths. Originally, tunics were worn by both men and women, but kaftans were only worn by men. In the modern world, both tunics and kaftans are more popular among women than men, and have constantly stayed in fashion due to their comfort and versatility. Tunics and kaftans can easily be accessorised with various other clothing items.

By knowing how versatile these two garments can be, a woman can wear kaftans and tunics to create various outfits appropriate to be worn at the beach, office, on a night out, or at a formal event. While tunics and kaftans are available in most high-street stores, eBay has a wide variety of tunics from both local and abroad sellers at prices for any budget, so any woman can find her ideal tunic or kaftan for any occasion.

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