How to advertise and sell second hand childrens clothes

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As a mother of a 3 year old boy and a 2 year old girl, I understand how expensive it can be to keep clothing your children.
They are never in them for long before they need new ones, so surely buying and selling second hand is the best and most affordable option?
Here are a few tips that I myself have found really helped me to sell items on eBay and get a very good price for them, allowing me enough funds to buy more clothes in the next size up. :)

Always sell clothes that are perfect for the correct season I.E. I tend to sell winter wear at the end of August / beginning of September, when parents are first preparing for winter. If you advertise November / December time then people tend to have everything already and are preparing for Christmas, so I don't feel as much money is to be made. In reverse, I advertise summer clothes mid April beginning of May when parents are looking forward to the summer and need to start stocking up on holiday clothes!

Always wash and iron the clothes before taking the photos and advertise them in the description as "freshly washed and laundered." This is very appealing.

Parents tend to like characters so if you have a character item within a large bundle, be sure to mention it is in your title, so that it appears in their search.

Advertise in your description that you have you have loads of other items available and are willing to combine postage costs. (If this is the case). I have found on a few occasions that people tend to like to buy a few items from the same person in order to keep postage costs down.

Always remember to be very honest in the descriptions, to protect yourself as well as the buyer. Always take clear pictures of any marks or stains and mention bobbling or sigs of wear. As well as mentioning if you are from a smoke and pet free home (if any).

And finally, only sell what you are happy to receive. And if you mention this little yet powerful fact, it will happily draw people in.

I really hope these facts have helped you but please bear in mind these are from my opinions only and what I have found help me to advertise and sell.
I received the opportunity to do this guide through Bzz Agent Campaign.
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