How to beat eBay prices.

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When I first started using eBay many years ago, it was a place you could find a bargain.
Now, it seems I tend to buy more of my items from online shops, or even the High Streets, as it is often cheaper than eBay!!!
It is getting harder and harder to find a bargain, especially when you know where to look for alternatives.

An example of what I mean.
As of today (19th March 2011) Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB hard drives are going for £29.99 on Amazon with free p+p (with 8 other sellers at similar prices)
The cheapest I could find on eBay was £40.00 with free p+p.
Thats a saving of 25%!!!!

Now, how do you find these alternatives?  And how do you know when you have a good deal?

Personal choice?
Google PLUS Firefox PLUS InvisibleHand.

Before buying an item, ALWAYS take the make/model and put it into Google and use the Shopping tab.  It is amazing how varied the prices can be.
Also, if you use Firefox with the InvisibleHand plugin ( it will simply tell you the lowest price on the internet right there at the top of your browser window!
I cannot tell you how many times I have been shocked at the price difference between eBay and, for example, Amazon or Pixmania etc.

Hopefully, if more people start shopping around, eBay sellers will finally realise they can no longer continue to rip people off, and prices will drop to "bargain" levels again.

And I am more than aware that a good chunk of the reason prices on eBay are going up is because of the massive charges eBay levy against sellers (See my other guide for that one!).

Happy shopping!

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