How to buy Crass Feeding of the Five Thousand Small Wonder vinyl

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Lots of sellers claim to be offering copies of the very rare first pressing of this album (only 5000 were released, hence the title) but most are in actual fact later pressings. The covers remained identical. It's all about the insert!  
An immediate clue Is the size. First pressings of the insert are smaller while in later pressings it was increased to the same size as the album cover.
The next clue is the numbers on the outside of the insert. First pressings display 621984 under the Crass logo. On later pressings the 6 is crossed out with a 5 written next to it.
On the back cover of the insert is another clue. Later pressings  feature  two dreadfully misguided reviews of the album by Gary Bushell and Tony Parsons under the title 'Reputations in Jeopardy.' These reviews are not on the first pressing as they hadn't yet been written!
The final clue is inside the insert where the lyrics are printed. There is a black box obscuring the lyrics to the first track 'Asylum' (The track isn't on the album. It was replaced by silence after objections from the Irish pressing plant!) On the first pressing the box contains only a short section of printed text. On later pressings the box is filled with printed handwriting. 
Hope this helps you make an informed decision when bidding. Don't get ripped off. As Crass always printed on all their record sleeves: 'Pay No More Than....' 
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