How to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 cover

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest Android phone from Samsung and comes with a standard cover.

You may want to buy an additional cover in order to protect and/or personalise your phone. There are thousands of options on eBay and the best way to find them is to go to the following link and search for "Galaxy S4":

For protection I suggest a flap cover such as the below official offering:
These come in all sorts of colours and are great because they leave a window uncovered so you can check notifications without opening the phone cover.

In order to personalise your phone there are many different styles and colours to choose from. Here are a few of my favourites:

You can also create a fully unique case cover by uploading a photo to the seller. Such as in this example:

Here are a few other things you need to take into account when buying your case.
  1. Colour- can be red, green, blue , white, orange, yellow, pink, black or purple. Or it can be a combination of different colours or a pattern such as stripy, diamonds, checks, stars or polka dots.
  2. Price- the price can vary from something very cheap- as little as £1, to something quite expensive around £50. Certain designer labels have created Samsung Galaxy s4 cases, for example Ted Baker who is a famous British designer and some of those are available on eBay as well
  3. Seller- eBay has thousands of different sellers and many of them sell Samsung galaxy S4 cases. eBay sellers can be small individual private sellers or large business such as Argos, Tesco or Superdry. Many of the sellers are also based abroad, particularly in China or Hong Kong and these sellers generally offer cheaper products but the delivery time is longer
  4. Condition- I wouldn’t recommend buying a second hand case as the phone is so new so it is better to buy a new one, especially as they can be very cheap. However, often people buy cases that they don’t use so that might be OK
  5. Auction or fixed price- most of the cases on eBay are fixed price (Buy it Now), but if you do find a good case listed in auction format then it could be a good way to get a good deal and the process of bidding and winning an auction can be a lot of fun
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