How to buy a car of ebay!!! MUST READ VITAL INFO *FREE*

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I am guessing, since you are looking at this guide you like millions of other people want to buy a so called "EBAY MOTOR"

Well this vital info will enable you to drive away your dream car of ebay for a lot less than the showroom price legally and safely.

Ok well a common thing that is so OBVIOUS yet THOUSANDS of ebayers forget to do is


Now when doing a HPi check on the vehicle it is suggested you do it after you win the car and then can back out of the sale if it was not mentioned that the car was HPi clear as this is in your rights.

Do NOT bother buying those cheap HPi checks on google for £3 as they are so vague it is a waste of time and money.

Ebay's RAC HPi check is the BEST but VERY expensive a secret is to go DIRECT to the RAC website as the price is a lot cheaper and gives you a full report.

Once you have the report check it against the description.

You may think that if you buy a car from a dealer that it is ok it will be HPi clear but WRONG! Because some dealers get vehicles in such a large stock they do not genuinly check if it is HPi clear or not which could get you in a difficult situation and even in a positionw here the car may be repocessed of you by law.


2) A genuine guy is in NO rush to sell a car and if he or she is then there must be something fishy about the vehicle so it is ADVISED you take an AA or RAC mechanic to fully check over the vehicle.


3) NEVER give a deposit unless the ebayer is a powerseller or car trader which has a huge amount of vehicles sold.


4) It is WITHIN YOUR RIGHTS if the vehicle is NOT as described you DO NOT have to purchase the vehicle as it is not as described.


5) As i have experianced driving around the UK when purchasing a VAN, Company Car, Sport's Car, Modified Car always bring a mechanic with you as the way these people drive may shock you as they have no regards to the vehicle and sell it on in that condition and the car may need a huge servicing.


6) When viewing your vehicle you wish to purchase DO NOT feel imbarassed to asses the ENTIRE vehicle from the engine to the exhaust system as you should feel safe when buying a car as it is YOUR money you are parting with.


7) Requesting a test drive is the best way to experiance the performance and other features of the vehicle.


8) Check the attitude of the seller as if they are pushy and rude then this is NOT some one who you wanna deal with because if there is a problem imagine how little they would care.


9) When considering buying a USED:


Bare in mind and no offence to the companies but they are RUBBISH cars in the UK! The UK is cold most of it's days and that is why these cars are GREAT for hotter countries like the middle east and africa NOT the UK so if you experiance problems with one of these cars after purchasing one don't blame the seller as these cars are not designed for this cold country unlike cars such as:



10) And offcourse the usual which includes always check feedback, history of the seller etc.....




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