How to buy an xbox 360

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What should be included - 
  • Machine with correct hard drive (not applicable for Core, Arcade or 4GB Consoles)
  • Controller with AA battery back
  • Power brick
  • AV/HDMI cable
First generation model (20GB, 60GB are white, 120GB & 250GB 'Super Elites' are black)
Common problems on these machines are red light of death, this can be either 3 red lights on the front quadrant or 1 flashing light in the corner - this is an internal hardware failure - avoid it.
Machines from 2005-2008 are more likely to feature issues so when powering them up make sure the fans are not on full blast, the machine will likely overheat causing red lighting under heavy game load.
The disc drawer can become difficult to open as the machines get older,  if the machine allows the drawer to open whilst the machine is lying flat this is okay as the belt can be easily replaced. but the console should be brought in reflecting this in the price.
If the draw wont open vertically or horizontally its probably best to avoid.

Newer machines are called '360 Slims or 360 E'  and come in 4GB or 250GB.
Specials are 320GB and include Gears of War, Call of Duty and Halo designs.
Hard drives are located on the bottom by a plastic door.
There are not many errors but check for parental looks and 'fake' hard drives so make sure it is what it says.

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