How to buy authentic designer clothing (women's fashion)

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Authenticity Questions To Ask
Is the item authentic?

Authentic Fake
1. Was the item purchased in a place that is well known for selling original items? - A department store, the brand's boutique, a reputable second hand seller?

Yes No
2. Can you take the item to a shop to authenticate ?

Yes No
3. Does the item comes with the original sales tag, proof of purchase, an authenticity card, or original packaging ?

Yes No
4. The items material - does the item seem well made? Does it have even stitching, good quality materials {leather, silk, cotton)  ?

Yes No

Nowadays, it is increasingly hard to spot genuine items, especially on the internet where there is a large market for counterfit products.
When you find the designer item you are looking for, check to make sure that what you are buying is in fact a genuine piece. Asking questions about (1) the item's history, if there are receipts, or store proof of purchase (2) if the store or another store selling the brand can authenticate the product (3) if the item is being sold with an authenticity card, or a sales tag which can provide proof it is original (4) material - look at close up photos detailing the materials and manufacturing of the garment.
Buying designer clothing has benefits including the high quality manufacturing, design, and durability of the pieces. There are many ways to look for well priced, or limited edition designer clothing - in markets, on the internet, at sample sales, or from department stores or boutiques of the brand.

Above all, the item should feel right for you, and should be something that you will enjoy wearing.
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