How to buy baby clothes

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I have recently been buying clothes for my daughters next stage clothes as she is not in them for long to pay full prices. so i shop for bargains. i start by browsing the site for baby clothing items i like. i then click watch. i try to shop for bundles as i seem to get better prices for bundle of things as apposed to one item at a time. when i have clicked watch i then just wait until the items near their finish times. when my watched items near their finishing times i bid accordingly, should i win the items i have bid on,  i pay immediately via paypal and then i just sit back and wait for my items to arrive. usually within a few days of paying for my items, they arrive via royal mail. when my items arrive on checking the items in good condition as stated on the advert i simply leave good feedback for the seller stating that they are a good seller and i would use them again. and that the process over. its that easy! recently i have picked up some fab bargains and would highly recommend ebay to anyone! #gotadiscount
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