How to buy bullshire police items on eBay

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Bullshire Police is a satirical police force that help spread moral and motivation to members of the uk's police forces. 
In order to help raise money and stop the social media ambassador from getting a divorce money is being raised through the launch of merchandise on eBay.  
Bullshire started with selling small blue pin badges with the bullshire Police logo. Epic. I needed one. The problem is they are limited edition. So how will you know when they are about to be launched? The key is to monitor the facebook page like you don't have a life. Like you must constantly refresh and look at it. Ha.  Jokes. Instead put a notification tracker on the page so every time the social media ambassador posts an update so you will know instantly. This will stand you in very good standing to get one. This is how I got my shine key blue beauty. 
However. Now. There is a whole range of glorious products. Mugs t'shirts and the cut-my-right-arm-of-I-need-so-bad pink pin badge. 
Since I purchesed my original blue badge the social media ambassador has started including moral and motivation packs with each purchase. The chief Constable Mason Lodge also certifies that the product you have purchased is not a horrid forgery. This has happened and you must be a wear. 
In order to make sure that your product is not a copy look to see that the badges have a bright vivid colour. That the elite badge looks like they have brushed the hair. No hair should be out of place. If it is. Then it will be a fake. If the badge does not make you grin and smile like a child. Then it is a fake. If it doesn't come with genuine haribo. It's a fake.  Do not be fooled by any over seas sellers either. all bullshire police products are sold and dispatched in the uk. 
When deciding what badge is for you. You must decide if you are a big standard blue, a joyful pink or you are one of the elite arvs and need a badge to match your beautiful hair. Once you understand your pecking order in your station only then can you go ahead and make your purchase. There is no way a non elite should have an elite badge or heaven forbid you are a response officer with a yellow metal one. Know your place. It is crucial that you only wear the appropriate badge for your police social status. 
I was asked to write a buying guide by bzzagentuk but it was my choice to choose bullshire police products as quite frankly I want a pink badge so bad I may weep actual tears. 
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