How to buy sexy underwear for him, modal or cotton?

Like if this guide is helpful
It does not take too long to choose a suitable underwear for you or him.

Some men go for Boxers others go for a thong. For me well I am not really into boxers; But I will wear them around the house. I worry about men that go for thongs or a G-String or a Jock-strap. What are they trying to say? hey ! look I am a real stud ! I have yet to try a leather one some day ill be game...

It is Rare to find the right product until I've given then a road test. At this late stage in my life I still feel slightly embarrassed wearing something like a thong or jockstrap. As if women can really notice in the street.

I guess just like women when we meet woman who we want to make love to. A nice set of underwear is important to give us the confidence to go ahead and follow through.

Firstly, boxer shorts or briefs? If you have big legs, my suggestion is to avoid boxer shorts. It is not comfortable for you. If you really like boxer shorts, maybe try some stretchy material like modal. In general, they all look good on you as long as you buy a right fit.

100% cotton underwear? If you sweat a lot, personally I would not choose cotton. It feels good when it is dry. When you sweat and it absorbs the moisture and sometimes can be a bit sticky. Therefore you can try modal and they are very comfortable. 

Once you tried on modal underwear, I guarantee you will like it.  You would feel it is very light and very comfortable. Most customers bought modal long johns in my shop feedback positively. You can check those in my shop.

Colour is important. Most men go for white. I will talk about this more next time.

It is just a bit my advice for underwear choosing in 2014 and I wish you all well.
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