How to cheaply promote your eBay Business

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When you first start with a new business on eBay, marketing is the difference between success and failure.

As is the case with most businesses money can be a little tight at the start. New sellers seem to rely on the traffic delivered generally by eBay and in the early days of eBay this may have been enough to almost guarantee sales but over the years eBay has really taken off and the amount of sellers has increased.

New sellers find that the costs out way the profits. At this point a lot of sellers will stop listing on eBay.

This is where a lot of new eBay sellers will quit as it seems that their business is spending more money than they are making.

So if I can't rely solely on eBay to supply the traffic how do I attract more buyers to my auctions. In this article I aim to show you a few marketing techniques to enable you to get more traffic.

Marketing for your eBay business doesn't have to cost a lot, but will take time and effort on your part, you will get your eBay business noticed without spending a lot of money in the process.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is a popular method of advertising that will only cost when a potential buyer clicks on your link. There are several agencies that offer this kind of service, however Google AdWords is probably the best known. With this method you will be able to choose how much you would like to spend. Please note however depending on your choice of words you can spend a lot of money on this method. For more information regradingggg PPC please check out wikipedia and Google Ad words.

Banner Advertising

This method of advertising has been around for a very long time and can be fairly inexpensive. This method of advertising is usually paid for on a monthly basis. Sites that you regularly visit or sites based on your products are passably best.

Paid Blog Posting

There are some authors who will post a Blog about your eBay business on their site for a fee. The advantages of paying someone to do this are numerous.

They don't need to tell anyone that their entry is an advert. This will mean that their visitors can view it as an endorsement for your site. Blog links tend to be passed around to other sites. If you paid for a post on one site your eBay store link may end up on on a dozen.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

You should add your store link to all out going email and even in your auction listings add a link asking for people to visit your store.  If you don't regularly post in forums then you should find forums related to your products and make post that contribute to the forum.  Please bear in mind that most forums don't mind your links providing you add to the forum and don't just post ads.

Post on MySpace or other social networking profiles.  Post anywhere you are allowed to post your link to but please check the rules before posting.  It never hurt to let people know that you have your own business.  Tell family and friends and you never know they may stop buy and purchase as well, they may even tell their friends.

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