How to clean a Radley leather purse or handbag / remove stains

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There is nothing worse than staining or marking your beloved Radley purse or Handbag however with this step by step guide we will teach you how to safley remove stains without damaging your leather accessory.

What will you need?
1. A bottle of Radley leather cleaner           Available at -->
2. A soft clean cloth
3. Absorbant paper 

Step 1
Pump the Radley leather cleaner onto a soft clean cloth.
Be sure not to use baby wipes or products not meant for use on leather as these will likely take the lacquer finish off coloured leathers, exposing the pure pigmen (original colour). The colour may fade and your Radley accessory may need professional restoration.

Step 2  
Gently dab the cloth onto leather
Rub the cloth onto the leather in smooth circular motions over the stained area until the stain is removed. Radley leather cleaner is specially formulated for use on Radley leather products so will remove the stain without damaging the quality of the leather.

Step 3
Wipe away the excess with clean absorbant paper 
Use a form of absorbant paper to wipe away any remaining leather cleaner. Again, be sure not to use a baby wipe or any other moist wiping agent as this will lead to long term damage of the leather.

Step 4
Leave to dry for 1-2 hours away from direct heat
Leave your purse or handbag to dry away from any heating appliances such as radiators as this will affect the quality of the leather.

Step 5 
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Radley leather cleaner is specially formulated for Raldey leather products and is ideal for removing general soiling and water based stains. For tougher stains we would recommend you contact your local professional leather cleaner.

For a range of Radley leather products or leather cleaner please visit us at:

If you have any questions about the content of this guide or simply want to talk fashion we would love to hear from you and will aim to reply within 30 minutes so please dont hesitate the contact us!
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