How to culture Microworms / Walter worms / Banana worms

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How to culture Microworms / Walter worms / Banana worms

   Microworms are a live fish food that many aquarists use to feed their fish.
They are especially good for fry (fish babies) as they help to fatten them up, they are also great for small adult fish.
They are very easy to culture.

  Feeding fry live food instead of powdered flake food or similar increases the survival rate for most species and will 
also aid rapid growth and development. Live food is less likely to foul the water, since live creatures will stay 
alive until consumed instead of starting to decompose.


Easy steps
Setting Up Your Home Culture: 

For your culture you will need a clear plastic tub with lid, oats, water, a mixing bowl & a starter culture of  Microworms:

  • Measure out your oats to give a 1cm layer in the base of your plastic tub.

  • Mix your oats with boiling water until of a thick sticky consistency.
    If you make your mix too dry your culture will die off, if you make it too wet your culture will smell.

  • Spread your porridge over the base of your plastic tub and leave to cool.
    Once cool your porridge should have a rubbery feel and you should be able to touch it without it sticking to you fingers.

  • Now spread your starter culture over the centre of your porridge.

  • Make a few pin holes in the centre of the lid and clip onto the tub, place the culture at room temperature.

  • Within 48 hours you should see your worms multiplying and they will start to climb the sides of your tub. 



   The easiest way to harvest worms is to wipe them off the sides with your finger.  Or use a tiny rubber spatula, if you’re a weenie.  Then just feed them to your fry.  Rinse your finger in the fry tank.  Or rinse them into a container of water and feed them out with an eyedropper.
  After about 10-14 days the culture will start to smell vinegary.  At this point you should add a little oatmeal this time dry, sprinkle it over the culture to keep them going for a couple more weeks and remove some smell.  Before you add the new oatmeal however, you should start up a new culture so that when the old culture dies off, you will have a new one going.  By continually doing this you can always have live foods available for newborn fry. Overall these are an easy to culture live food for newborn fry.
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