How to dress a Rectange body shape (women, body type)

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Top tips

If you think you're a rectangle shape it means you have a fairly athletic or straight looking figure, with no noticeable curves.
Top tips therefore include creating the illusion of more curves, a more cinched in waist and extra volume to your top and lower half.

  • Prints, texture and details! As a Rectangle you can get away with almost anything! Go to town.
  • Belt around your waist. Helps define your waist and add curve.
  • V neck, scoop neck, halterneck and sweetheart necklines - showing some flesh on your chest breaks up your straight body and adds some dimension.
  • Dresses that go in at the waist and out over your hips- ballerina, skater, flare and empire - gives you shape!
  • Add shape to your top and lower half - shoulder pads, flare, layering, structured dresses - these are your friend.
  • Wrap dresses - they create the illusion of curve!

  • Shapeless dresses that do you no favours.
  • Straight up and down shift dresses - these won't give you a waist and will make you look big.
  • Drop waisted dresses - will make you look out of proportion. 
  • Dresses that cling to your midsection - this will draw attention to the fact that you don't have a well defined waist.

Did you know?
Rectangle shaped women have a different of less than 6 inches between their waist and their bust, and their waist and their hips.  This is what give them the athletic looking figure.

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