How to dress an Apple body shape (women, body types)

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To all you lovely Apple Shaped babes!

You have an ample bust, and a cracking set of pins. But as with everything, with good, we get a little dab of the not-so-good.  Your aim is to draw attention away from your tummy and to create a more definitive waistline. This one's especially for you:

Bring out your best:
• Dark coloured, wide belts – these are just great for cinching you in and creating a waist.
• Empire line dresses - they come in under the bust and skim over your tummy, making your waist look trimmer and lifting your boobs.
• Dresses that flare out at the hips and add volume e.g. full circle dresses.
• Well cut shift dresses that finish above the knee – they will fall smoothly over your tummy and draw attention towards your fabulous pins
• ¾ length sleeves will flatter your toned arms and keep the attention on your torso and not your tummy.
• Low necklines, V necklines – these make your torso look slimmer and they also draw the attention towards your chest and away from your tummy.
• Dresses with detail on the hemlines focuses attention on your great legs!
• Dresses with detail on the arms and sleeves – accentuates your delicate arms.
• Bias cut hems – these work wonders for your shape.
• Wrap dresses – these have the illusion of lifting up your bust and creating curve around your waist.
• Apple shapes can play around with embellished necklines.
• Dresses with asymmetric hems will add curve to your frame and draw the eye line down towards your great legs.

Avoid like the plague:

• Clingy jersey that will focus on your tummy.
• Excessive fabric on the midsection, this will make you look even bigger!
• Dresses with sleeves that stop at your bust.
• Pleated or tiered dresses are very big no no! They will draw accentuate your tummy.
• High necklines will make your torso look even bigger.

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