How to fit an electric door mirror to a 1998 Megane

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Fitting an electric door mirror to a 1998 Renault Megane is a relatively easy task, you will need an 8mm socket, small extension and a ratchet (preferably 1/4 inch drive but not essential) and a small screwdriver.

Firstly open the door and carefully prise of the plastic cover from the inside of the door which hides the fixing screws, you will then be able to see the 3 retaining screws holding the mirror in place, unplug the electrcal connection, use the socket, extension and ratchet to remove the screws making sure the mirror is being held before the last screw is removed, all 3 screws removed ease the mirror away from the door, carefully locate the new mirror into place making sure it is held in place whilst the screws are being refitted, use an assistant if neccessary, fit the rest of the components in reverse order of removal, job done!

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