How to get Traffic to your ebay listings

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This guide is a little bit about guiding traffic to your ebay listings and a few different ways to drive traffic towards your listings

If you're selling on ebay, the intent is to make some money or have some fun! If you have an ebay business, which is an online resale business, you need to become an internet marketer to try and get some decent traffic to your ebay! My ebay Store
You have all heard the phrase word of mouth, well.. This is word of the internet! One simple way to increase traffic is by always listing a link to your auctions in your about me page or in your descriptions and most of all in emails you send to other buyers when they are asking questions or when you send emails in general.

Another way is by making guides and reviews and blogs this will help you generate traffic via google and yahoo. If your a business men you can not let people come to you. You have to go to them and push them to your ebay site, via Facebook - twitters or even given out business cards to people leaveing them in cafe's or pubs or something one person is traffic its one person more and thats worth it.

So best thing to do is get some business cards and hand them out to people make blogs, reviews and guides!!! it all helps. JUST DO NOT GIVE UP!! that is the key to Ebay selling you will have good and bad months! but if you have a bad month see what went wrong and try to correct it!!

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