How to go barefoot with foot thongs

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Spring is showing her face with longer days, bright sunshine and snowdrops in the grass. What better way to get into the must-prepare-for-summer-holiday mode than digging those feet out of their woolly socks and polishing those toenails? Why not finish off the barefoot look with a gorgeous pair of foot thongs?

Foot thongs, or barefoot sandals, are a great way to decorate your feet and they can be worn alone or with flip-flops. Foot thongs look great on the beach, especially at beach weddings, and can also compliment belly dancing costumes.

Here are instructions for putting on a beaded foot thong:

  • Step into the large loop
  • Pull the loop so that the end bead sits at the front of the ankle
  • Cross the loop over once at the back of the ankle and step the foot through
  • With two loops round your ankle, bring the toe ring down over one of your toes
  • Dance and pose like the goddess you are :)

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