How to hang a poster onto the wall

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During this guide i will be showing different ways to hang a poster to the wall using

  • Blu Tack
  • Double sided tape
  • Thumb tacks

Ok, you have bought your beloved poster from my shop or anywhere, now like most poeple do is to put it up on to the wall.

Good thing comes to those who wait, in order to get the best result of this process, you will need a complete flat poster

Most poster you bought came by a post tube, which mean its rolled.

So now we need to make it as flat as possible.

Just get yourself some heavy books or similar items to put it onto the poster, mainly the corner and the edges


now have a tea and come back to see how is it going and you finally get this


Now we can start hang it onto the wall by


Blu tack:

The main advantage of using blu tack is 

1. Reusable

2. Easy to stick and remove

3. Affordable and Easy to obtain

Simply apply blu tack onto the 4 corners of the poster, also the middle, choose a location you want and just go for it.



Double sided tape

Using double sided tape will make the poster look perfect on the wall as you simply apply the tape along the edge of the poster.

By doing so the poster goes onto the wall completely.

The only drawback of double sided tape is, it will destroy your back side of your poster when you try to remove it.

Note there is a solution and that is why i wrote this guide.

Simply apply the normal cellotape to the poster Before you put the double sided tape on. Simple and done

Please aware of applying any tape could cause damage to your wall and it is not a good idea if you rush to try on your rented house. Remember Trial and Error, try it on something else or somewhere else first.




Thumbtacks also can be used on this topic, but everyone knows the drawback of using thumbtacks will leave a little hole on the poster as well as the wall.

However, this is the most secure method for the poster, and the poster won't fall.

Here is some example


A little hammer would be handy but i have not got one so i used something else instead but anyway..



About me.

I am just a person who addicted in anime and manga. Personally i collect and sell posters, 

so i thought it may be a good idea to share my view of how to hang a poster.

I am always onto the animation poster topic so if i find any new information i will update asap.

Please share your comments if you wish to, it is always nice to know more people which share the same interest.

Thanks for watching

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