How to help treat your dog's itchy skin problem

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When your dog scratches itself, its usually a result of dry skin which can be caused by colder conditions, a skin irritation or an allergy to something airborne or even food. If your dog starts scratching frequently this may lead to other skin problems which can be persistent, problematic and uncomfortable for your dog, there may be hair loss, bald patches, licking of affected areas.

An ideal way to relieve the symptoms which your dog may be experiencing as a result of the itching is to use a Medicated Pet Shampoo such as Medicoat Pet Shampoo which will relieve the itching, dry, flaky skin, mange, which can be identified by shedding, fur loss in patches and flaky skin. Fleas can also be a problem for dogs - Medicoat Pet Shampoo is a natural bug repellent and kills fungus and bacteria located on the skin. Bacteria and yeast can cause extreme itching around their ears and paws.

It is important to highlight that human shampoo should NOT be used on your pets, not even baby shampoo - these products have a different pH level and may contain soap and can cause further issues for your pet.
Consider using a conditioner if your dogs skin is very dry as these contain soothing agents to minimise irritations on the skin. Medicoat Pet Conditioner contains avocado oil to soothe irritated skin.

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